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This Meet Up is a food and travel club for foodies. travellers or those who want to experience more about the cuisine, ancient cultural traditions and native literature from 49 of the nations that are deemed the poorest, emerging or less travelled to tourist regions and nations. Lovdesh is not a tour operator but a curator.

My list of countries include such overlooked regions and nations such as Palestine, Chad, Bosnia, Senegal, Burkina Faso and my own heritage: Bangladesh. Commonly known as 'Third World', when in fact they are the most outstanding destinations for food and travel experiences where the real artisans and heroes and the folks out there.

Perfect if you want to dip your toe into these exciting remote places while in the UK, or are thinking about travelling out there be it with my start up dream Lovedesh.com (or even any other company). I think the greatest charitable act you can do, is to visit poor nations or emerging countries who don't get tourists. That's why I set up Lovedesh.

Every penny you drop when you visit a poor country (from the street food stalls you visit, to the handicrafts you buy boosts the local economy or the books you purchase for a local school) - also means 1) you are DIRECTLY helping the locals you meet 2) seeing these countries outside of the usual disaster, poverty, famine issues etc 3) return and help spread the word to others - so that they to learn to learn and experience these countries for more than the usual bad press.

But first you need help getting to taste and know them. Which is why this Meet Up is the perfect chance to know more - before you go.

If anyone is interested in sending me details of an event they want me to add (see this MeetUp as a noticeboard) - please let me know.

So next time you think of donating to a big third world charity - also think of visiting a poor country instead because by getting stuck into grass roots projects yourself, I promise you this - every penny of your money will go further. Plus you get to witness who benefits, and what it was spent on - making it a once in a lifetime experience of special memories.



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Lovedesh Voyage To Bangladesh

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Bangladeshi Graphic Novels exhibition

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Lovedesh Voyage to Bangladesh

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