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Objective: This group is for all those IT enthusiasts who believe in team work and interested to learn from other and care to share their knowledge with others. The main objective of this group is to help members get a fair understanding of the latest technologies. By attending the different meet-up, the member of the group should atleast gain KNOW-HOW of the emerging technologies and eventually EXPERT level knowledge by self learning and other trainings. The group activities will not be limited to technology but to other areas as well which can help an individual to do their job well and also have a great work-life balance. Everyone of us will have some or other tips or tools which we can share with others to make everyone's life better. The technologies we would be focusing as of now are Hadoop, BigData, Data Science, Data Analytics, Amazon Web Services, etc. Please feel free to suggest any other technologies. Content: Every effort would be make to see that the majority events organised by the Group are FREE for the members, but there would some events where we HIRE trainers or need to pay for a venue or food or take care of Technology Assistance (like live meeting software or live streaming), incase we donot get a sponsor, members who are interested to participate in the event shouldn't mind paying their share. Logistics: We would have ONLINE and OFFLINE events depending, for a quick 30 minutes or 1 hour session it would be good if we can do it ONLINE, for longer duration events and based on the need we would be meeting physically. Feedback: Please share your thoughts on how we can make thing group useful for each one of us. Looking forward to have an ENGAGING Group. All the very best.

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Introduction to Cloud Computing


AWS Learning Group

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Learn to Architect on AWS (FREE EVENT BY AWS)

Online meeting. Please look at my comment for more details.

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