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We discuss, teach and practice different energy healing methods ranging from pressure points, Pranic Healing, the King Method, Reiki, yoga, sound therapy, aromatherapy, meditation and a wide range of breathing methods. We cover the practical applications of eastern medicine which has been known for over thousands of years and how all religions use pieces of this in their ceremonies.

Learn how to feel your own chakras within minutes, raise your body’s vibration, remove negative cords and learn to quiet the mind through mutras and mantras. Much of this is now being taught in the workplace to reduce stress, gain clarity, improve sleep, and reconnect with your true self. Get the secrets all religions and cultures have used over the years. Find out why the military, Google, NASA, IBM, and many other large organizations have deep interest in this area.

We bring the science component in to measure our quantify our methods with vital signs and the latest bio feedback technology like HeartMath, Muse, Bio Well, and other technologies.

Come join us with an open mind and heart.

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Energy Healing & Bio Feedback Workshop

1465 65th St

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