What we're about

Atma Namaste,

Thank you for your interest. We will aim to take the philosophy of yoga and put it to action. This means learning how to step off of the mat and apply lessons into the real world. Find your deeper connection within yourself and with others to truly create that "Union" of Yoga.

It means humbling our egos, quieting our minds, gaining practical knowledge of the yoga sciences and being part of something bigger than ourselves.

* Intros & Morning Warm Up
* Invocation of Blessings & Meditation
* Quick Recap of Different Types of Yoga
* Intro To Chakras & Chi Energy
* Activating & Finding Your Own Chakras
* Learning To Feel Energy With All Your Senses
* How All Major Religions Use This Energy
* How It Applies To Our Health & Wellness
* Lots of Practice Time To Partner Up
* How To Quiet Our Minds & Open Our Hearts
* Laws of Manifestation & The Energy Behind It
* Closing Meditation To Bless Our Family, Friends & Mother Earth

What To Bring
* Yoga Mat To Sit
* Towel
* Water or Other Drink
* An Open Mind & Heart

Doyle Hollis Park (Hollis & 62nd St in Emeryville)
Please come early to find parking

Open To Everyone
We respect all religions & genders

Thank you,

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