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Hello everyone,

This group is to provide a complete empathic, trusted friendly environment and support for anyone to let your emotional hurt out, any kind of thoughts which you have labeled good or bad causing you feel guilty or victim, speak them to someone without being judged or being labeled and feel trusted and supported. I would like people to come join this group without any kind of bias or fear. We will meet and let out what is holding us back, clean our wounds and grow emotionally. We will also discuss what we have learned through our experience in so far in our life journey, and share it for others to benefit. We will remove all good/bad labels and see things as they are coming and will grow ourselves emotionally to discover, true life and happiness. We will run emotional fitness workouts together.

This is not a professional healing group, there is no record keeping. I have no certification of healing or counselling only I have is an unbiased, non-judging heart and limited fully dedicated time to share and to listen without distraction and learn. We will discuss what is holding us back, identify why we are using that as tool in our defense and what possibilities we can achieve if we let it go.

My name is Pawan. I have been through times in my life with thoughts of fear and guilt, have been ignorant at times and found myself in difficulties of relationships. It took years for me to learn and come out of some of these thoughts and feelings which I have been holding inside me trusting no one to express. It had slowed me down until I expressed them and learnt that they were not that difficult to let go. I feel free of captivity, happier and at much ease with life.

What we sometimes need and we don’t get when we need it, is a listener who is just listening to us without making personal judgements, without putting labels on us and has empathy to our understanding, pain and thoughts. A clean wound heals much faster so is our emotional hurt once it is expressed and cleared.

Most of us have inbuilt system of healing ourselves for any kind of hurt physical or emotional. The good thing with physical hurt is that it is always visible and our brain’s default response is not to hide it but to take care of it, and we see it regularly that we get physically hurt and soon we are back at our schedules with speed in no time. However the emotional hurt which is not directly visible and our brain is not trained enough to handle it, it keeps bothering us. We need to first express it to someone so it becomes visible to you and then the brains heals it. For emotional hurts our brains default behavior is hide it and blame it on someone and stay in victim mode or blame it on ourselves and stay in guilt mode. Once we are in that state of blaming others or ourselves, our growth is reduced, we get trapped in fear or guilt. And it take conscious efforts to come out of it.

Happiness does not happen by itself, it is to be earned, it needs to be defined for every one of us and it needs to be discovered. If we depend on happiness given by someone else that would be temporary and unfulfilling. We cannot get happiness by suppressing our desires, being submissive to other so they be nice to us, that would be enslaving.

We will share our learnings from different sources like from books, online, and from coaches.

Emotional fitness needs practice just like physical fitness. And as people like a trusted partner in the gym to motivate to work-out, we will establish a trusted friendship for emotional fitness work outs. We will be sharing our weakness, strength, good thoughts, bad thoughts, and learn new techniques which will help us achieve a better emotional fitness and a wholesome development.

Practice, practice, practice. Just like sports, we get better as we practice. The only way we become very good at something is through practice. We certainly need to accept and allow mistakes -- we are not expected to be perfect. It is arrogant to think we can be 'on the mark' each time we deal with an emotional situation. The best way to get better on it is to practice and thrive to be better. Since there are no fitness center for such practices I am creating this group so we can practice together.

Our discussions will be completely confidential and will stay only within us.

Also this is not a dating group, this is just a self-development group so keep your expectations aligned.

If the group gets enough requests we might seek some guest speakers to get more experiences shared.


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