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Powerful 2 day EFT Level 1 Workshop in Montreal......accredited by EFTUniverse

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Claudia Schecter is a gifted,certified EFT Trainer for EFT Universe. She has been teaching EFT for many years to 100dreds of students.

Watch as Gabor Mate, MD explains how childhood emotions/environment affects adult behaviour.


This workshop is ideal for those who want to learn EFT for themselves or on a professional basis.

Not only will you gain a deep understanding on how to use EFT, it's scientific background and more, you will also have plenty of opportunity of applying it on yourself.

Workshop Objective:

* Have a basic working understanding of EFT
* Use EFT for your own issues.

* Use EFT with family & friends in a non-professional capacity.

The fee for the 2 day workshop $350 (early bird) $395 regular.Workbook,light snacks and registration in the EFTUniverse data bank are included.

What you will learn:
* History and Development of EFT
* Building Bridges to EFT
* The EFT Discovery Statement
* The EFT Basic Recipe
* SUD Scale
* Psychological Reversal & Secondary Gain
* Aspects
* Being Specific and Persistent
* The Generalization Effect
* Short Cut Tapping
* Effects of EFT and Cognitive Shifts
* The Movie Technique
* EFT for Traumatic Memories
* EFT for an Addictive Craving
* EFT for Aches and Pains
* Introduction to Using EFT by Telephone
* Handling Excessive Intensity
* What To Do When EFT Doesn’t Work
* Testing for Completeness
* The Personal Peace Procedure

About your trainer:

Claudia Schecter, Certified EFTUniverse Trainer and Mentoring Consultant has been teaching in private practice as a naturopath/mindset coach for almost 20 years. She has been teaching and mentoring EFT students since 2004.

Claudia is also the first trainer to teach Matrix Reimprinting in Canada

She is one of a handful EFT practitioners worldwide who achieved the EFT Cert-II certification from EFT founder Gary Craig.

For more information and to register ,please go to or contact Claudia directly at 514.483.3690


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