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Welcome to all EFT fans - novices and experts - in Edinburgh! This group is dedicated to using Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT tapping to de-stress, improve health and well-being. EFT is the best self-empowerment tool when we make it part of our lives.

So join us if:

• You are going through a rough patch in your life, in your health, in your relationships;

• You are experiencing a family crisis like a difficult relationship whether at home or at work, dealing with the loss of a job, home, certainty etc.;

• You are anxious because you are facing some serious illness - no matter whether it is you or someone you care for;

• You are looking after a family member while having a full-time job or career;

• You are dealing with anger, guilt or overwhelm as a result of a family crisis.

• You are fed up with life as it is and you'd like to change it for the better.

Tapping will bring perceivable results by the end of the session both emotionally and physically. It is particularly powerful in a group even when almost no details are shared. When done in group tapping is lead by the trainer and therefore participants don't need specific EFT training nor knowledge. Regular tapping will lead to less anxiety and stress, more self-confidence and peace of mind, better health and more happiness in general.

There will be various evening and weekend day events. EFT can be equally effective when done on-line so we'll have Zoom meetings. For those who would like to take it further, there will be certification courses with EFTMR Academy, the EFT school of EFT Master Karl Dawson.

EFT is being described as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of mind-body healing in the last hundred years. It is rapidly becoming known as a modern-day miracle due to its radical release of emotional disturbances and physical ailments. Tapping on 14 bio-active points on the body (acupuncture points) while experiencing a negative feeling or physical discomfort helps to neutralize the pain, discomfort or negative feeling very quickly. Scientific research and more than 100 validated clinical trials from the past 10 years report significant psychological as well as physiological effects lasing over time with bio-markers of hormones and genes being regulated.

More about the trainer Irena Barton https://www.eft4success.eu/about-irena/about-irena

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EFT Free Online Workshop

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