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Transform your experiences with sex & love addiction and intimacy. This is a new, special, one-of-a-kind group. It is an experiential, experimental, exploratory, facilitator-led group.

Emotional Healing from Sex & Love Addiction & Compulsion

Are you sleeping with multiple partners and feeling unfulfilled & exhausted?
Are you paying for sex and feeling ashamed & depleted?
Does your porn habit leave you feeling disconnected from yourself & your partner?
Are you using love as an addiction and objectifying others in an effort to satisfy your deep unmet needs?

This group is for much more than recovery, it's to regain your life. Recovery is only one part of being liberated from addictive & compulsive sexual behaviors. If you have the courage to heal the emotional wounds that cause your addictive and compulsive sexual behaviors, this group is for you. A new life is possible.

True healing goes well beyond recovery which is only a part of the process. There is no true freedom from this affliction without healing the underlying emotional wounds. If you only attempt "recovery", the desires, urges, thoughts, and memories will manifest and you wind up living your life in fear of relapse and exercising willfulness to suppress the compulsion of acting out.

The path to our renewal has structure, containment, and safety. The process to heal fully, entirely and completely is really painful (but less painful than not healing) yet incredibly liberating, and you will experience a fresh sense of freedom. With loving-kindness, a new life is possible.

The group is designed to help members heal the emotional wounds that underpin your sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors. In a small, intimate format, the group provides a safe, trusting, and healing space for members to openly and intimately share your feelings, talk about your wounds, explore your experiences, and heal from your sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors in an atmosphere of loving-kindness. In healing your underlying wounds, you will no longer be living by willfully suppressing the desires, urges, and compulsions that lead you to act out. You will feel freedom.

Many of us have deeply buried emotional wounds and it is not uncommon for us to have buried numerous layers of emotional pain with unhealthy sexual activity. We may have learned to “self-sooth”, distracting ourselves from our pains, by engaging in destructive sexual activities.

We may act out sexually (e.g. by watching porn) to distract ourselves from experiencing any unpleasant feelings & emotions and to forget our problems. But this is a trick that does not even work momentarily. Too often, we still face the same problems the very next day, frequently even hours or minutes after acting out as toxic shame steps in and the cycle repeats.

As we have learned, distraction does not work. When we are faced with sexual impulses, it is usually a red flag that something is going on emotionally that we do not want to feel. Using our conscious awareness, we can be with the craving rather than filling its needs. As you know, this is very difficult, and as you will come to see, it is possible and worthwhile.

Popular media has us believing the problem is about weak morals or lack of restraint in acting out on sexual impulses. The thing is, neither are true, and it’s really far more complicated and simple, both at the same time. The truth is that it is actually not about sex, at all, it’s about intimacy, or rather lack thereof. And the cause of the intimacy issues stem back to early childhood traumas which are caused by abuse.

The group works to build and restore intimacy by being open, honest and vulnerable with each other about our difficulties. We are transformed by offering each other and ourselves compassion, empathy, love, kindness, and genuine support. A major focus of the group will be on past abuse and traumas because addiction is actually rooted in abuse. The abuse you experienced as a small child gave birth to the addiction which emerged out of a need for self-protection and self-preservation and typically arises during adolescence. It was an unhealthy coping mechanism and behavior that developed from a dysfunctional and painful dynamic in your life.

Give the above, the format of this group differs from other groups like the below which are mainly focused on recovery:

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) www.sa.org

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) https://saa-recovery.org

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SALA) https://slaafws.org

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA) https://sca-recovery.org

The group is small and healing is fostered by cultivating love, kindness, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, affection, allowance, appreciation and attention. Members model integrity and honesty which help give rise to healthy expression and behaviors. By holding sacred space for one another, without judgement, we create the conditions which will lead to deep and profound healing.

The way to liberation from your addiction is to heal the underlying wounds. Simply understanding content on an intellectual level is insufficient. Tools and techniques (e.g. "sublimation", the practice of acting out negative and socially-unacceptable urges and impulses into socially-acceptable behavior, like substituting the urge to watch porn with running) that rely mainly on willfulness practices, although helpful for recovery, are incomplete and will not heal the cause of the pain.

We must dig deep to find the core traumas. In order to heal your wounds, you must explore your ("dark") inner parts which gave rise to the sexual behaviors as a coping mechanism to foster a sense of safety, protection, connection, intimacy and control. We have to look at and connect with our shame, pain, and anger, etc. By creating space to experience these difficult ("painful") emotions we come to understand our earliest ("childhood") unmet needs that gave rise to our harmful behaviors. It is true healing that manifests through this process. A new life is possible.

This group is specifically designed for people who are suffering from any kind of sex addiction or compulsive sexual behavior and have the courage to connect with your pain by exploring your wounds. The healing is a byproduct of this process and there is no standardized formula to follow. The process is unique to each individual and healing comes from your ability to inquire into and be with your pain. The process is riddled with uncertainty just as life.

In order to fully heal, we have to be seen and accepted by others who serve as healthy mirrors for us. This group helps create the conditions for us to heal as we feel ourselves be truly seen through the eyes of others. The work is hard and painful, but if you have the courage to step forward into the work, leaning into your trauma, healing awaits you on the other side. I have experienced it.

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