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This group is for Healthcare Professionals. The purpose of the group is to help create awareness among the healthcare professionals of the growing importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Personal Qualities in their career success, progression and life in general. These skills are required by Healthcare Professionals to enjoy and standout in their profession.
The group will create awareness, provide training, initiate discussions, and share real work and life applications of these skills. Members of the group may equally share job opportunities if they wish to.
Emotional Intelligence and Personal Qualities taught in this group are designed to help healthcare professionals build positive relationships in their workplace. For leaders this is highly essential especially in the current political and economical climate in the United Kingdom for instance where cuts to healthcare funding and a growing, ageing population has added immense pressure to service providers. There is a growing body of evidence confirming a relationship between team dynamics and patient outcomes. Therefore group participants can expect to learn from other people’s experience and validated ways of adjusting their behavioural patterns to get the best outcomes in the workplace.
Healthcare Professionals invest considerable time and effort to obtain the required technical skills or job-specific skills and expertise to function in their various areas of specialisation. Most of them are very good in the performance of their duties as far as these technical skills are required. The real work experience shows that these technical skills are necessary but not sufficient for them to fully discharge their duties satisfactorily, make progress in their careers and enjoy their professional life. Job specific skills are a basic minimum requirement in order to operate in a particular workplace.

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