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As a Christian, l know the challenges of living in a broken world. Don't we all? We are not exempt from the struggles of anxiety, depression, loneliness and the like. Actually, the term called "the loneliness epidemic" is rampant in modern society. Isn't that why we seek meetups in the first place?

Anyway, the Bible is quite clear that we Christians need to gather together, to encourage one another, comfort one another, provide strength, and learn from each other. Because people are increasingly more inclined to turn to a computer screen or their smart phone, rather than face-to-face contact, we are losing our social connections that God has always intended for us.

That said, this group is not counseling. We are all in this together. It isn't some quick fix, nor does it provide all the answers. But it looks to God as our source, and can motivate us to be the hands and feet of Christ to each other.

The hope that God gives us, through Jesus, is key to getting away from the downward spiral of our problems. Some of us may struggle with issues that might seem fairly manageable, and some of us are haunted by shame, having a hard time believing that God is for us and not against us.

To be authentic is scary. After all, to begin with, it is hard for us to even admit that we have depression, even to ourselves. I know that this is true for me. And to admit one is lonely? How many of us would rather tough it out and let the feeling pass? That said, there should be no judgement, but understanding in order for one to feel safe to share from the heart. Those "pity party" or "snap out of it" remarks that you may have heard before, well, those remarks add up to a mindset that is not only insensitive, but unhelpful. In the church, you may have heard that lack of faith was the culprit for you. Perhaps, you felt condemned by a fellow Christian when you were looking for hope, realizing that the person had no idea what it was like to walk a mile in your shoes. Surely, such faulty beliefs ignore the complexity of any deep rooted origins of anxiety or depression.

In a support group, though we all have different backgrounds and experiences, there is a commonality. There isn't "I am all alone in this". There is "me, too". We are all imperfect people, and if you identify with some of this or all of it then this group applies to you.

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Hometown Heroes Coffee and More

Here is a link to their website https://www.hometownheroescoffeeandmore.com/ Per request, I have chosen this place. It's another time of fellowship

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