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Scare sites and Vortex Numerology with Todd
Todd's "Scare Site Numerology" is from 11:00am to 1pm. $25.00 a person

Crystal Gaze LLC

213 Frank Lloyd Wright Way · Lakeland

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Meet other local individuals who have Healing abilities, Empathic abilities or are just interested in learning about it. Meet and discuss the sensing of others' emotions, feeling the energy field and reading other people in a new way. Share techniques and practice skills. Combine energy fields to create healing circles. Let's bring awareness to the whole as we take in awareness from each other. This group welcomes those who are astrologists, psychics, sensitives, TCM, Massage therapists, nutritionists, and any other who wish to develop their gifts. ''THE EMPATH GROUP OF LAKELAND" "HAS BEGAN!" Please check the calendar for Events/Class/Workshop dates, time and locations. We will be starting soon CLASSES FOR "THE HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE" and "EMPATHS".

Rev. Janet White Wings Flying-Organizer

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