Ancestral Trauma & the Deep Roots of Money Blocks

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I hope you'll join me for this **FREE** talk on...
~Healing Family Money Patterns & Traumas~

What is your relationship to money? Believe it or not, your relationship with money is impacted by the relationships your ancestors had with money.

Family money patterns are influenced by family traumas, and may be set generations earlier. These traumas get passed down through our energy, our DNA, and our family stories.

How did your ancestors choose to spend, save, and make money? Were they stuck in circumstances that felt limiting to them? Did they live through the Great Depression? Did they squander away a fortune through mismanagement? Did they immigrate to the new world and make it big? Did they make it big only to lose it all? Or, did they fastidiously plan to secure their future?

The energy of the family dramas gets played out and repeated over and over again until negative patterns are recognized, healed and reset. Our ancestors need to be released and forgiven from the ties that bind us to them. When we recognize a dysfunctional pattern that has been passed down through the generations, that is our sign that the patterns need to be healed and released.

In this informative talk + demonstration I will discuss...

~Why we need to know our family history & how it impacts our relationship with money

~How the energetic part of our trauma history can go back many generations

~How the family stories passed down through the generations affect OUR beliefs about money

~Why the first 7 years of a child's life are so important to their relationship with money as adults

You will also learn about Energy Psychology-based techniques that help release the energy of the subconscious mind from the depth of your psyche.

Our schedule will be as follows...

1:00-1:15 introductions

1:15-2:00 presentation

2:00-3:00 demonstration of Ancestral Trauma Release Techniques

3:00-3:45 questions & answers, networking, discussion

3:45-4:00 closing

Whatever your ancestor's patterns were, it is YOUR choice if you want to repeat them. You can make a conscious choice to either embrace your ancestors’ attitudes or change the patterns once and for all- for the generations after you!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Dr. Eva