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Hello filmmaker, script writer, storyboard artist, cinematographer, editor, colorist, and producer. Got a rough script you need to revise? A storyboard you want analyzed for coverage and storytelling? Or a rough cut that's not working and you just can't figure out why? Empire-Film-Crit is the group to help you get your next project to the next phase in its journey.

The focus of this group is to look at such areas as conflict, structure, movement, tension, characterization, motives, color, coverage, camerawork, editing style, and so on, and comment on what works or doesn't, giving our idea of how to make the work more effective. Our goal is to tell the stories we want to tell, in the most effective and creative ways, while getting in touch with our own sense of style. Remember, its a practice, one that is constantly evolving.

All reviewing is done offline, in the comfort of our own homes, and when we have time to do it. We utilize dropbox to collect the submissions and comments, and each of us can schedule our own time to read or watch the work, and then to comment on it. That's the power of the format of this group. We don't waste precious meeting time reading entries or reviewing clips. We get to the business of communicating instead. Because that's what its all about: the efficient and effective communication between colleagues.

Its especially important to find a critique group that doesn't have too many members, and where those members actively participate and take an interest in the submitters and their work. Groups that are too large tend to skim over, and not delve too deeply into anything of great importance. Or worse, they might run the group like its yet another AGT or Idol where there's a line out the door. You're not going to get individual criticism from such a group. We try to make this as individual an experience as possible. Our members are highly selective in the things they comment about, and because they submit pieces regularly themselves, they know how to get criticism as well as give it.

We meet over food and drink on the last Thursday of every month, at Sayaka's in Colton, Ca, where the 215 and the 10 intersect. Join us and lets talk about your work.

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