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Why was this group created?

When it comesto understanding and enforcing rights in the workplace, employees and their employers have never competed on a level playing field. Today’s employer is more sophisticated than ever and has various tools at its disposal to thwart employees’ attempts to secure justice and fight injustice at work. Employers not only have more money than most workers but websites focused exclusively on protecting employers’ interests in the workplace have seemingly sprung up over night. These websites provide employers with the ability to share legal information between, and forge networks with, lawyers and human resources professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Employees have limited options in comparison. Many workers are self-represented, work in isolation, and are woefully unprepared for the harsh realities of the workplace and our legal system. Absent insightful and practical information about their rights, their employers’ obligations and their legal options, many workers proceed in an uninformed manner and become disillusioned when the legal system doesn’t deliver the justice that they deserve.

Franklin Law (https://franklinlaw.ca/) hosts discussion groups, workshops, and courses with employees and other workers in mind as an important first step in addressing this problem. Our discussion groups, workshops, and courses provide employees and other workers like you with immediate access to practical legal information, specifically geared to helping employees – only employees – better under their rights and secure justice at work.

Our meet ups are presented from an employee’s perspective – from your perspective – and include information that employers (and perhaps many lawyers) would rather you not know. Because Franklin Law’s discussion groups, courses, and workshops are designed with workers in mind, they are either offered free of charge or at low cost, and focus exclusively on the issues and spaces in which disputes between employers and employees (and Unions and their members) occur most often.

For example, we hold workshops on human rights-based discrimination, harassment, and reprisal in the workplace and provide legal information about how employees can best position themselves to pursue redress at human rights tribunals (e.g., the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario) or through the grievance arbitration process. We also hold workshops on wrongful dismissal, constructive dismissal, and unjust dismissal and how employees can best position themselves to pursue redress in the Courts. We have not forgotten about unionized employees and hold courses on the duty of fair representation and how employees can best position themselves to make the most of their relationships with their Unions and, if necessary, pursue redress at labour boards (e.g., the Ontario Labour Relations Board).

Because Franklin Law (https://franklinlaw.ca/) is focused on access to justice, and educating and empowering workers, rather than encouraging them to retain our services, we discuss employment law, human rights law, and labour law issues from the perspective of employees who are likely to represent themselves and employees who have the financial means and interest to retain a lawyer.

Who should attend Franklin Law's discussion groups, workshops, and courses?

As the name implies this group is focused on helping employees and other workers. All employees and other workers who face, or are at risk of facing, injustice at work are welcome to attend. All union members, union staff, lawyers, law firms, and other individuals or organizations who either support employees interests, or represent employees' interests, are also welcome to attend. Employers, and those who represent employers' or management's interest, are not welcome to attend.

Who is Franklin Law?

Franklin Law is made up of a select group of human rights lawyers, employment lawyers, and labour lawyers, all of whom have made a conscious decision to support and represent employees and other working people. We fight injustice at work because we know about the discrimination, harassment, bullying, and other mistreatment that employees often put up with, and about the injustices that they suffer when they are wrongfully dismissed without compensation or severance pay. For more information about Franklin Law and the services that we provide, visit our website by clicking https://franklinlaw.ca/ or call us at 416-572-8525.

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