• It’s Time To Play: Finding Your Inner Child

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    It’s Time To Play: Finding Your Inner Child Facilitators: Katerina Roy and Mary Adams Friday, October 16th - 7PM (Location will be sent to you when you register for the event here: Register for the next Empower Your Life Today Meetup! (http://empoweryourlifetoday.net/register-for-meetups/) Are you having trouble tapping into what you really want in life? Are you stuck writing that book, are you not taking that trip that want, or are you not moving forward on your dreams? Science has shown that children learn through creativity and play. That doesn't stop when we reach adulthood. Reconnecting to this part of ourselves through relearning to play creates healing, growth, and new opportunities! This class is an exploration in cultivating childhood playfulness and bringing it into your adult life. This amplifies your levels of creativity, imagination, and artistry to bring your life to a new level. What to Bring: Journal, Pen, and a willingness to play! Love Donations Accepted - Suggested donation: $10 Street parking available.

  • Endings and New Beginnings

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    As we transition seasons from summer to fall, we recognize the sacredness of beginnings and endings. Join us in an exploration in how endings can really become new beginnings. Featured speaker Shiila Safer will be sharing her goodbyes to "Earth Wisdom: Creativity Intimacy and The Bigger Story". On this evening we will celebrate Shiila Safer and introduce the new Co-organizers Katerina Roy and Mary Adams who are ushering in a new series of fabulous meetups starting September 2015. Love donations accepted to support our fabulous location and refreshments.

  • Earth Wisdom Meetup - Cancelled for August

    Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent

    We will resume our Meetup in September with fresh energy in our new location! See you there!

  • Cancelled for July

    Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent

    Thank you for your interest in the Earth Wisdom Meetup! It is cancelled for Tuesday, July 14th. We will resume in August in a new location.

  • Intimacy with Trees

    3905 Amy Circle

    This month, we honor the trees! Across age, gender, religion and nationality, we all have one thing in common ~ an experience with a tree. Now, especially, after the recent tree damage, let's give our love to the trees, to help them in their recovery! We invite you to bring your story of a tree that was meaningful to you, either in childhood or as an adult. As we share our stories, we increase the field of love and respect for trees. "We must develop an emotional and spiritual bond with nature, for we will not fight to save what we do not love." ~ Stephen Jay Gould We will have readings from the recent release and #1 Best Seller, Intimacy with Trees, a collection of stories, poems, artwork, meditations, and messages from the trees themselves. Join us in the celebration of this beautiful book! Intimacy with Trees is more than a book, it's a community of people who love trees. Are you one of us? Donations welcome. See you there! Shiila

  • Intimacy with Trees Book Release and Celebration Party!

    Trinity United Methodist Church

    Official paperback release on Amazon Wednesday, May 13th! Check it out! JOIN LOCAL WRITERS AND ILLUSTRATORS! Intimacy with Trees is a collection of short stories, poetry, meditations, artwork and messages from 52 global contributors and their trees. We are thrilled to celebrate the book release of "Intimacy with Trees!" Join us for poetry and story readings by local contributing writers and book signings by our local writers and illustrators. At 2:30 there will be a meditation and ceremony with the trees to give thanks and deepen our connection with them. Books and giclee prints and cards of illustrations from the book will be available for purchase. Light refreshments offered. RSVP here (https://www.facebook.com/events/373869482803869/) Brings friends and family! Trinity is in central Austin - we are in the Chapel (enter on 40th St.) 4001 Speedway, Austin, TX 78751 (40th and Speedway) For updates about Intimacy with Trees, please like our NEW Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IntimacywithTrees For more information about Intimacy with Trees, contact [masked]

  • Simple Steps to Creating a Happier Life

    Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent

    We are delighted to welcome back Teacher and Coach Mary Adams for part two in her self-healing series! Are you ready to bring your life to the next step and create more happiness? Join Mary Adams as she shares tips and tools for bringing more happiness into each day and creating a lifestyle that feels good. We will be taking inventory of what is not working in our lives and work as a group to create new opportunities - then blessing those new opportunities with intention and ceremony. Our focus is on transmutation of old to new energy. On the Medicine Wheel, this is the direction of the West. We will open to an organic teaching from the trees that will offer a new way to be gentle with ourselves as we move through our personal, and sometimes challenging transformations. Mary Adams is a Coach, Teacher and Global Empowerment Catalyst. She is a proud member of the Toci community, Co-Founder of Co-Creator Radio Network and Founder of Empower Your Today. Donations welcome.

  • Vision Quest As a Way of Life

    Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent

    As we gather this month, we honor the ancient Vision Quest ceremony with chanting, tobacco and prayers, as we tie prayer ties for the eight Earthtribe (http://earthtribe.com/) questers going out in April. We will explore the key aspects of Vision Quest, and how we can bring them into our everyday lives. What would it look like for us to create daily practices based on the Vision Quest ceremony? How might that shift our awareness? How might that deepen our relationship with our world? Please RSVP (http://www.meetup.com/Earth-Wisdom-Creativity-Intimacy-and-The-Bigger-Story-Austin/) for our Meetup April 14th at 7 pm at Toci. We get together the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 pm at Toci. Donations welcome. See you there! Shiila

  • Self Healing for Recovery, Healing and Wellness

    Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent

    On the medicine wheel, healing is a gift of the direction of the South. We open and embrace the healing of the South in all its forms. This month we are excited to welcome Mary Adams and her teaching on self-healing. This evening, Mary Adams will teach you her personal technique, which inspires radical healing, pain relief, and relaxation. Through the use of meditation, hands on healing and visualization she will teach you how to use healing energies more effectively in your body and how to Co-Heal when being assisted by a practitioner for amazing results. Mary has an inspirational story, as she has healed herself after a serious back injury in 2001 that left her unable to walk, bed bound and in a wheelchair until 2005. She is 100% Medication free and has regained her strength and ability to walk, after doctors had given up and told her that she would never walk again. Her healing technique is a combination of many modalities, and has been effective in daily pain maintenance, relaxation and emotional well being. Mary Adams is a Coach, Teacher and Global Empowerment Catalyst. She is a proud member of the Toci community, Co-Founder of Co-Creator Radio Network and Founder of Empower Your Today. Bring a yoga mat or blanket to lay on. Earth Wisdom Meetup gets together the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 pm at Toci. We meet at the Toltec Center (Toci) in Austin, on 360 just north of Barton Creek Mall and Walsh Tarlton. Turn in at the Yoga Yoga sign just before Rudy's BBQ. We are the first bldg on the left. Enter on the back deck. See you at 7:00! 2499 S. Capital of TX Hwy. Suite A100, Austin 78746 Donations welcome.

  • Sound Healing with Jeremy Devens

    Toci - Toltec Center of Creative Intent

    Sound Healing with Jeremy Devens Let's celebrate Valentine's Day in advance! Fill your being with vibrations of harmony and love through the use of the singing bowls and help send Jeremy to India! For centuries, Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used in calming the body, clearing the mind and expressing the spirit. Jeremy Devens plays seven bowls, tuned to the energy centers (chakras) of the human body. When these vibrations are made visible, they create beautiful harmonious mandala patterns. Since everything is vibration, Singing Bowls create a vibrational harmony of body, mind and spirit from the inside out... However, most Tibetan shamans would tell you that they only use these bowls for serving rice. Jeremy has the opportunity to be of service in India at The Bhatti Mines School in Delhi. The Bhatti Mines School gives children in this area an alternative to forced labor: every day 156 children receive an education, empowerment and hope for the future. Jeremy plans on going in March, and your donations will be part of his fundraising. Join the Earth Wisdom Meetup as we cultivate a harmonious internal vibration to carry with us into Valentine's Day and beyond. The Earth Wisdom Meetup gets together the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 7-8:30 pm at Toci. Donations welcome