Inner Alchemy: Ego Integration

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Have you tried ego work before?

I think the ego can hinder a person OR liberate a person when we bring integration and expansion into the field of awareness. A refined healthy ego can bring more confidence, inner peace and compassion into our lives.

When you bring in awareness, you can recognize when you are driven by the ego and bring yourself back in alignment through connecting with your heart and soul.

One of the function of the ego is to help you understand the world and yourself.

When you are aware of the ways your ego affect your thoughts, behaviours and habits, you can then allow yourself to take your power back from being secretly driven by these mental constructs. (Yes the ego can be quite sneaky!)

I used to think that having an ego means that a person is condescending, full of themselves and judgemental. Until one of my teacher taught me that there are many types of ego and it is a vast subject to study.

'What we resist, persists.' The more I condemned the ego, the more power it had on me. The more I fight it, the more fractured I felt.

My perfectionist aspect is hard on myself.
My play-it-safe aspect kept me stuck in a small comfort zone.
My unworthy aspect tells me I'm not in own of success.
My sabotage aspects made me believe that I have to give pieces of myself away in order to be seen, or loved.

Once I started doing Inner Child and Ego Work, healing my emotional body and really taking the time and effort to heal myself. I became more confident, authentic and at ease with my surroundings. My thoughts are more positive and I am much kinder to myself :)

Join me in this workshop to:

- A meditation technique to integrate the ego
- What is the ego's functions
- The fears of the ego
- How to recognize the ego in your thought patterns
- Take your power back from habits such as self sabotage, judgement, not enoughness
- Shift into empowered beliefs to helps you toward your higher purpose

Instead of resisting our feelings and emotions, we dive into our emotional body by creating a safe space and begin a self exploration journey that will help you find answers that you have been seeking, release inhibiting fears and emotional pain and embody your soul purpose with a new found level of expanded consciousness.

Join hundreds of people who has benefited from this work and RISE into your personal power with Aliveness, Inner Peace and Confidence


Tiffany Tin is a certified meditation facilitator and Reiki Master who has worked with hundreds of clients, hosted 250+ workshops, classes, and sold out retreats.

She is is the Director and Lead Instructor at the New Earth Alchemists Academy offering a variety of online trainings where people can learn over 16+ Spiritual Healing Modalities ranging from energy healing, channelling, shadow work, and much more.

Before starting her own business, she struggled with depression and social anxiety. Through her own healing she traded in her business suit to follow her purpose and now helps helping thousands of people live with passion.

She has been featured on Eleven Eleven TV, The Breakdown Show, Echo Movement, Soul Movement, and Popvilla. She has an international audience through her YouTube Channel.

Flow of the workshop:

6:30pm Opening and Teachings
7pm Partner Exercise
7:30pm Small Group Exercise
8pm Short Break
8:15pm Self Journey
9pm Closing and Social

There are three parts to this Series of workshops:
June 28 - Inner Child Connection
July 5 - Healing the Emotional Body
July 12 - Ego Integration to Release Negative Thinking Patterns

Early Bird til quantity lasts $30
Regular $35
Package with all Three Workshops $85 (On Sale til June 28th)

Cancellation policy:
Non-refundable but transferable to future courses, workshops or private services.
Same Day Cancellation/No Show: No refund/No Credit
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