FREE CLASS: Future Life Progression Journey


Start off the New Year with the Future.

FREE CLASS. As a thank you for your support of my healing work, I am gifting this class ($25 value).

Limited seating. Please RSVP only if you are 100% sure you will make it. If you RSVPed YES and your schedule changes, please change your RSVP to NO so the people on the waiting list can take up the available spot.

Want to know what possible future lives are in store for you based on your current actions or your current path?

Want to find out what people look like in the future, what they eat, where they live, what technology people use?

Want to bring future knowledge to today's life?

Join us on an intriguing, guided hypnotic meditative journey into the future (beyond this life) to discovery/experience for yourself what is possible for you (and perhaps the world). It may change how you view (and live) your current life.

The class begins with a short introduction, then you'll be led on a Guided Future Life Progression Journey. Some people's lives have changed in a positive direction as a result of this journey.

Past participants got insight into what their future life can be, what human life can evolve into. Some got a preview of advanced technology. Others saw a way to create a sustainable, organic, peaceful community.

What will you discover in your future journey?

After the journey, there will be an opportunity to integrate and share your experience and learn from each other. Participation is optional.

This is also a good opportunity to meet and network with other kindred spirits and make new friends.

Bring an open mind to learn from the future.

Optional Things to Bring:
• Notepad and pen to write down your vision and insights
•Yoga mat to sit on if you prefer that over a chair.
• Sweater or jacket to keep warm

WARNING: This class is not appropriate for those who are diagnosed with any severe mental condition such as schizophrenia, identity disorders or other psychiatric disorder (psychosis).

This class is led by Mee Vaj, Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master and founder of Empowered Mind Wellness LLC in Long Beach. She is certified in Past Life Regression, Spiritual Regression and Therapeutic Imagery Master. She is very passionate about helping people heal from their struggles. In addition to helping clients one-on-one, she enjoys facilitating healing meditation classes to help more people achieve success and happiness in their lives.

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