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Abandonment … the crux of the human condition...a crisis of shame and disconnection. It's what makes heartbreak so painful and what's behind the turmoil and uncertainty of divorce. It's why separation arouses such intense anxiety and why losing a job, a lover, causes our self-esteem to plummet. It's what complicates our grief when someone dies: we feel left behind. Its wounds lie deep and invisible, making it hard to let go...

That's abandonment … always acting beneath the surface, spilling primal fear into moments of disconnection, disappointment, and loss. It generates feelings of insecurity and self-doubt when we attempt to love again.

There are so many examples of abandonment but there is NOTHING that hits me deeper than the careless disregard for our shared humanity at the hands of a person who was entrusted with our hearts. Relationships awaken!

Thanks to the 30+ years of work by psychotherapist Susan Anderson, I want to bring this support group based on her research (and others) to you.

The connections we form in a support group with participants who understand the intensity of our experience are crucial to restoring well-being...you will be heard, understood and validated. Let's grow beyond the heartbreak because if heartbreak is universal, healing should be too. <3 JOIN ME!

Abandonment Support Group Goals:

*To end isolation and loneliness.

*To provide a safe, comfortable, equal environment where each person’s feelings are honored.

*To enter a new consciousness and increase your awareness.

*To promote personal growth and positive change.

*To raise self-esteem, restore sense of security and build confidence.

*To provide a person-to-person program of caring and sharing.

*To transform abandonment into a life-changing experience.

*To practice increasing your capacity for love.

**Responsibility for emotional well-being is up to each participant. Must be at a place in your healing where you can explore and take ownership of your emotional experience.


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