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ACTIVATION "Kendarin Universal Healing Light" - Creation Unified with Creation
[masked] Light Portal POWER Manifesting Energies - Kendarin Unity Heart Wave Activations for manifesting Heaven on Earth! Join us for another incredible Kendarin Unity Heart Wave Activation Event! This date [masked]) offers us a highly charged manifesting portal and star light immersion - the perfect evening to amp up these Source Universal Healing & UNITY codes even more than ever before! Whoo Hoo! Kendarin is a new energy wave that is unified creation light beyond this universe! (This energy is the essence of creation that is emitted when multiple universes merge together and expand their most potent creative potential out into the multi-verse - this energy CREATES UNIVERSES and is pivotal for us anchoring the right energies and support systems for our ascension to higher dimensions and for the creation of Heaven on Earth! This is the 4th round of sharing this incredible Kendarin Heart Wave Healing Light with our group. We had such a great response with the introduction event that Spirit showed we should be anchoring this wave once a month (at least) as a community of love! * Please note that each time you receive this super high frequency energy wave, you are able to access more of the light and creative potential within your own divine spark! ** Kendarin infused holy water will be available at this event! I have been working with this SOURCE UNITY Energy since October of 2014, but only recently has Spirit nudged me to introduce it to others, as a whole new level of support for our Ascension Journey. This energy is very hard to describe in words - it is a super high frequency energy, originating beyond the universe of our human perception, and is the energy emitted when Source Creator Beings Merge with Other Source Creator Beings. The "Kendarin Wave Form" is the essence of pure creation light when shared and overflowing in a unity process of creative force - it is an illuminate, all encompassing radiant light that comes from the unification of Source Creation Energies merging to create new universes. * It is like unconditional love distilled into some kind of cosmic, orgasmic pulse that ripples out and elevates all forms of matter into completely new forms of reality. Wowza. This stuff is life-force on steroids! $33 per person, $50 for 2 What will we do/what can you expect? * What is energy healing? * How does energy work assist us on our spiritual path? * What is this Kendarin Wave Form energy, creation energy beyond creation??? * Where does the Kendarin Energy come from? * Why it is here for us now, at this pivotal moment of Planetary and Human Ascension. * Why didn't it come sooner? * Micro and Macro applications of this healing light. * Shifting from the individual ascension journey to the galactic ascension journey. * How to be a clear channel of healing light. * What can this energy do for us? * NEW Light codes and activations of UNITY offered through the Kendarin Wave Form frequencies. * Guided meditation with energy infusions. * Twin Flame Mastery Code activations through this wave form. * Quantum Leap Spiritual Development with this energy form. * Each attendee will receive an energetic infusion of the Kendarin Source Unity Light. For those of you familiar with LaHoChi...this is the next level Source Healing light...buckle up, we are going to FLY!!! I look forward to sharing this incredible energy with you. Please let me know if you have any questions. Love and light, Jeanette St.Germain Jeanette St.Germain is a spiritual author, teacher, and speaker. She has served clients all over the world as a multi-dimensional channel, psychic medium, and energetic healer committed to helping others embrace their own inner radiance! Her private sessions and public events often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose, and deep healing through all layers of the energy field.

Radiant Soul Center

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What we're about

This group is for people interested in sharing with others about spiritual awakening, holistic wellness, and developing a true, balanced connection to themselves and to their community. We share personal experiences, holistic wellness methods, intuitive gifts, and many other tips and tools that can offer guidance and support on this human journey. We leave our egos and our worries at the door, creating a beautiful space of love, light, peace, and joy. If you are interested in gaining more clarity on your life purpose, or just looking to meet with other like-minded souls, we welcome your excitement and curiosity to learn and grow together!

Our meetups are often in a classroom type of setting, with teaching, sharing, and discussion between members. We also hold unique meditation events, nature hikes, musical guests, and more!

The topics covered in our meet ups often include (but are not limited to): * Developing Intuitive Gifts *Psychic Protection *Meditation *Angels *Crystal and Gemstone Healing *Energetic Healing Shares - Reiki, IET, LaHoChi *Workshops/Energetic Certifications *Essential Oils *Juicing and Smoothies *Kids Yoga/Meditation *Gong and Crystal Bowl Meditation *Kirtan *High Vibration Channeled Messages * Connecting to Gaia * Green Living Topics *Special Guests and more!

If there is a certain topic you would like covered, please let me know. I welcome suggestions and tips for making this group a great place for each of us to discover new ways of living a more balanced, empowered life!

Love and light, Jeanette St.Germain

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