What we're about

A wide-ranging set of events designed for all those who have depression or bipolar disorder, or anxiety issues - to get together, learn from experts on how to take charge of your symptoms and your life, and to learn self-help, self-empowerment and planning strategies. Our exclusive series has been re-engineered for young adults (16 to 30) but are applicable to all those suffering from mental wellness issues.

Young people under 18 need to have a parent or guardian present.

These events (40 this summer) are 100% free, and in fact, we are even offering cash stipends to those who attend and fill out an evaluation.

These events and workshops are in-person opportunities to meet up and talk about wellness. But during COVID, this summer we are converting to an ONLINE series hosted on Zoom, currently the easiest and most popular online meeting and education software.

Past events (3)

Mental Health Peer Support Education Day #1

Online event

Workshop # 4 - Final event of the series

Online event

Workshop 3 - Summer Empowerment Series

Online event

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