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Come join us for a new journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We are an integration of holistic healers, teachers and therapists working in oneness for the community. We offer classes and workshops on conscious living and healing therapies. Also, we have a program for leaders to empower their Real passion or Inner Wisdom and to put it into action, becoming inspiration for other warriors to take the journey of awakening and empowerment. Come meet us at our community day of Warriors at service where you can join us for Free sessions of healing and connection. Thanks for connecting with us. We are excited to meet you!

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Journey to Egypt

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Hello Adventurous Soul from the Stars!

Have you ever felt the call to visit the land of your Atlantean ancestors in Egypt?
Today life is moving in one direction, that of consciousness. It has been a long road with many ups and downs. Since the times of the civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis, the information for our evolution has been anchored. However, the wars of power led us to live memories of suffering that distracted us from the path. Yet, that was part of the journey. It was how it was. The good part about it is that the information that was anchored remained there, waiting for the human to be ready to resume his path to connect to his Divine power. This is already happening today for us, no matter where we are on the planet. We are reconnecting to our higher self, the I AM, and activating our Merkabah structure.

If you are reading this message it is because you resonate with this possibility. You might not remember but your Soul knows it and has been waiting for this call.
Have you heard the call?

I felt it. And I felt the call to return to that energetic vortex. I want to feel the sand of the desert under my feet again and to walk through the places where I once was. Egypt holds the promise of reunion. Your soul remembers the memories of that time. The simple presence in that place is enough to resume you. It's time to visit our ancestral home and bring a thank you offering.

What can we offer, I thought?
And this vision came to me of meeting around a sacred fire in the middle of the desert, on a starry night, anchoring a healing for Gaia, Pacha Mama, Mother Earth.
Do you feel like being part of this offering?
The offering is to create a reconciliation and plant it there.
How? Through the Family Constellations we will recreate memories of humanity to heal the pain and suffering that we still drag from our ancestral genetic heritage. The stars will guide and accompany us as we walk a journey of healing through the memories that have most affected and impacted humanity.

I don't know if you know, but part of the process of evolution needs the healing of the ancestral past. These memories pulsate in our cellular, mental, emotional, and genetic information. Our task is to liberate these memories from our body and soul so we can liberate ourselves and free the path for those who will come. This is serving life through our transmutation and transcendence. This is an act of Love for the Totality that we are.
Would you like to be part of this healing?
Welcome! Perhaps we made this agreement to serve life today through this movement. I appeal to whoever remembers it.

Of course, along with that service, we will have our fun. Fun is also part of vibrating from deserving, and that also helps life. Does this resonate with you? I’m leaving here the whole itinerary. Click the button at the end of this message to see what we will do, visit, and navigate. As I cannot keep my excitement, I will tell you that... we will have the opportunity to enter the pyramid of Giza in private before the public enters. We will do a movement to allow our energetic body to adjust to its multidimensionality and our new consciousness.

I invite you to see the 12-day tour in the lands of Egypt. Click on the link below, and if it resonates with you, and you decide to be part of this healing and encounter, contact Glenda by WhatsApp at +1-[masked]. Glenda will be in charge of organizing and collecting payments. Contact her. Ah! and text me to tell me you are going! What a thrill!

This journey is not part of a travel agency tourism package. We have organized it with a private guide to be able to flow at our own pace without having to go in the eagerness of the tours offered in the market. This is a UNIQUE (not repeated) opportunity to travel to Egypt with a conscious tribe and with a sense of community service to life through the movements we are going to make.

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