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December: 2019 Vision Board Workshop
2019 can be the year you are Pulled by your PASSION not Pushed by your FEAR. Step into 2019 with a Passionate and Clear Vision for Your Relationship and for your Life! Create a Vision Board! As part of this workshop Joëlle Lydon, MA, CPC, will guide you in a Visioning Process using the tools of Desire Mapping to get clarity on your Relationship and Your True Life Path in order to create a Vision Board, a Passion Map to support you in manifesting the life and love you are uniquely born to experience. Gather with like-minded others, to feel the support you need as you move forward while developing the confidence and courage you seek to ask for your just desserts. All materials provided. As a professional certified Love and Relationship coach, graduate of Mama Gena's Schools of Womanly Arts, Desire map and seminar facilitator, I look forward to helping you pre-pave your way for 2019. Kick off the New Year in a fulfilling and empowered way to have the love and life you desire and deserve! Investment in yourself? $50 online until December 25th! After that the cost is $59.

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What we're about

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, you're in the right place.

If you are uncertain whether this might be your Tribe, you'll find some questions below that will shed light on this for you. Read them and decide whether they ring True or False for you.

-Are you more emotionally reactive than those around you?

-Do you seem to have more empathy than most?

-Do you take forever to make decisions about almost anything, because you are weighing every possible outcome?-

-When you make a"wrong" decision, are you hard on yourself, and have difficulty shaking it off?

-Are you anxious much of the time?

-Do you prefer to work/exercise alone?

-Are you so detailed orientated that you will identify much of what others may miss?

-Are your reactions to criticisms deflating for you?

-Does it unnerve you to be watched while completing a task?

-Do you notice that you need to choose your friends carefully, as many people drain your energy? Because of this do you, or did you growing-up, think that you are/were anti-social?

- Find yourself needing more down time during you day, especially to process stressful events?

- Tend to be aware of subtleties in your environment? Make it a point to avoid violent movies and TV shows?

- Have a rich, complex inner life, with a keen imagination and vivid dreams?

- Find yourself effected by other people's moods?

- Tend to be deeply moved by the arts or music?

- Find yourself greatly soothed by being in nature or near water?

- Easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells and coarse fabrics?

- Get overwhelmed when you have a lot to do within a short amount of time and need to take breaks to get re-centered?

- Tend to need more sleep than the average person?

- Grow tired of others telling you that you are "too sensitive" or "shy"?

If you answered TRUE to many or all these questions, you are probably a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) - a term coined in 1996 by Dr. Elaine Aron. The traits associated with HSP's have been extensively researched by psychologists and neurologists universally. It is used to describe people who have an "innate trait of high sensory-processing sensitivity (SPS)." It is characterized by a greater awareness of subtleties, which results in one becoming over-aroused or overwhelmed by levels of sensory stimulation that don't seem to bother other people.

Don't despair.

You are part of a wonderful group of human beings, who are born with amazing capacities. In fact, we make up roughly 20% of the world population. As, more and more people become more aware of this innate tendency, the percentage could rise.

Know that you are not alone, weird, crazy, mentally ill, or broken in any way.

Our HSP traits can be both a blessing, as well as, a challenge, depending upon the environments in which we thrive or not. The more positive the environment the better we thrive. The more negative the environment the more we suffer. Being a highly sensitive person does not mean you are weak. It merely means you run at a different frequency then others. This is not a bad thing. Many great talented people of the world were/are highly sensitive:: Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Glen Close, Eddie Murphy, Nicole Kidman, Jim Carey, Steve Martin, Deepak Chopra, Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Eleanor Roosevelt, to name a few, are of some of the long list of well known people.

This group is facilitated by Joëlle, who hopes you will join us to discuss what it is like being an HSP, whether you have known about it for a while, or are just newly discovering it.

Both men and women are welcome.

Please note, this is a supportive group. It is not intended to be group therapy nor replace individual counseling /therapy.

We have a fee for each session ($10 per person) to cover cost of the rental location and the meet up dues.

A bit about Joëlle, your facilitator...

I am recent to the discovery of my HSP coding. In fact, I spent the majority of my life feeling misunderstood, as though there was something deeply wrong with me, and unable to understand why it was I did not fit in.

I also come from a family of creatives - writers, musicians, artists, dancers, scientists and inventors - who are unaware of their sensitivity and who grew up believing that doing life like the other 80% was a badge of honor. In fact anything that smelled of sensitivity was perceived as weakness, and therefore shamed.

This all changed for me when I was introduced to Dr. Aron's work through a dear, sweet friend of mine.

My life has transformed deeply as a result.

Since then, I have learned to see my HSP"ness" as my SuperPower especially when considering how we live in a culture that disregards nature, spirituality, intuition, deep listening, deep listening, and open-hearted connection.

We are needed now more than ever.

I now regard the "shadow" aspect of who I am not as a curse - the way I used to - rather, I recognize my need to do things differently in order to practically live in this stimulating world.

I am so honored to be traveling with you on this journey, to be sharing and look forward to meeting you at our next gathering.

In love, service and pleasure. xoxo J


Elaine Aron:

Elaine is the driving force of discovering this trait 20 plus years ago. This link will connect you to her website, newsletter and the HSP recent movie.

Jim Hallowes:

Jim Hallowes is a therapist who specializes in HSP support in CA. This link will connect you to not only his newsletter but some additional great resources. He also usually takes clients over the phone as well. We can attest personally to his wonderful caring personality and amazing support.

Nick Ortner:

Tapping is a great tool to use for the many experiences and emotions life can hand us. Above is a link to one we've personally used and enjoyed.


Please note the above are only suggestions that have helped us and others with this trait. We all need to find the resources that resonate for us as individuals. It is our belief that while there are many wonderful tools available connecting with others in person is also incredibly valuable. We welcome you with open arms to offer support, growth, information, enlightenment, and, maybe, new friends!

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