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Empowering Me is a group that enables you to practice and learn about being authentic and living your truth, consciously, in the present moment, every day! Personal training for the mind! This means taking you back to YOU, the real you, the best you that you can be, right here, right now. Are you ready for that?

It's not a one off fix, but a continuous journey making steady progress (with many leaps and bounds) creating useful routines, practicing being aware of how you live your life and learning to direct your thinking to manifest what you want instead of what you don't want. Would you want that?

How is this possible? Nancy Barclay, an Intuitive mind coach has spent the last 12 years researching this very topic, working with groups and training individuals. Nancy has made incredible changes in her life and her way of thinking. Nancy has shown this way to many others, with exceptional results. It's not just a casual chat but a insightful conversation, a collection of information and tools to make a real difference to your life. Come along and see for yourself.

When, where and what does it involve? We meet on a regular basis in Wadestown, Wellington. We talk about a way of life that benefits you and those around you and set you up with some useful routines. It's true, it's possible, it's solid and reliable. We meet in a setting where you can feel supported and comfortable, knowing that you are with like-minded others who 'get it' and are on this journey too. Meeting times and the address is advertised on the meet-up site. Meetings run: Tuesday 10 - 11.30 am. Thursday evenings at 7 - 8.30 pm. Classes are continuous. Please note there will be NO meet ups in October 2018.


Who is it for? Anyone who is willing to get to know themselves. Any age, any walk of life, anyone who wants to change their current perception of the world and improve on it.

Surely there is a cost? Of course! Each time you come, the charge is $20, you can pay with cash or internet banking. There is a 10 trip ticket available for $180 that gives you your 10th session free. It is one of the best investments you'll ever make. (This is a special price for meetup members).

How do I attend the meetings? Now that you are part of the group, you will get regular messages by email telling you about the events that are on. You can choose if you want to attend or not and will be able to get information from the meetup site and communicate with Nancy from there.

For further questions, just send me a message. info@artandliving.co.nz

Hope to see you soon.

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