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Congratulations! What an achievement! You gave your kid(s) wings and now it’s YOUR TIME! It’s exciting to start over and dream again but it also might feel scary. You might be wondering who you are without the kids or what’s next for you? You may feel ungrounded and lost. After putting yourself last for so many years, you could feel anxious when you look inside your heart, alone and don’t really know what’s next for you. Fear might be bubbling up as wonder: Who are you now? What are your dreams? What do you want to do/be? This is new territory and a new stage of life. Feelings of vulnerability, inadequacy, doubt, and sadness are common and can keep you from designing this next chapter with zest.

In this Meetup, there will be sacred opportunities to connect and share with others who trek on the same journey as you AND with the guidance of Coach Junie Moon, an Empty Nest Thriver, you will learn life mastery skills to help you design this new chapter with grace, ease and delight. You will learn how to :
• Trust your gut and not fear other people’s opinions
• Speak YOUR truth,
• Go for your dreams without apology
• Honor your past and get excited about starting over
• Stand Your Ground

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