What we're about

Join our "Free Leadership Learning Hours" and participate in inspiring and motivational sessions, aimed to discuss key management challenges, improve communication and negotiations skills and, ultimately, to empower our human interactions in the workplace.

We all have an unique style and by channelling your personal experience you will encourage & empower our managerial skills.

The MeetUp is indicated for all of us who aspire to be the best and most successful manager we can.

What does Symposium Learning’s core message stand for? “Enable your Management Style”

The word “able” signifies “to can” - to develop and enrich one own experience and skillset. The references to “Style” is to acknowledge our individuality and uniqueness, our direct experiences and shared communal knowledge and values. “Management” emphases people and connection: organisation, shops, and products are empty without their customers, our colleague and essential team members.

At Symposium Learning we understand a Manager as “A person who connects with others for the shared interest to succeed.”

A Manager is s/he who has willingness to create, produce and achieve a shared goal. Be it operating in a Social Enterprise, an established Corporation or Venture Capitalist.

Welcome to ambitious leaders, supervisors, managers, team/group leader, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders looking to build skills and knowledge for the next big career move.

We will discuss how to motivate ourselves and others, how to aspire to reach targets and business goals, how to create a cohesive work environment and also how to handle challenging relationship that we can encounter on our work life.

Looking forward to learning together.

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