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Are you overweight? Are you exhausted practically all the time? Are you embarrassed about your sense of your own physical limitations? Are you frustrated and burdened with a sense of failure about your appearance/how you show up in the world? Do you feel stuck and alone in this situation? Are you ready to use all of this experience to move into your greatest yearnings for well-being and joy?

Welcome to End Your Fight & Fatigue With Food: Accessing Your Unique Feminine Body Intelligence! We are a community of smart, successful, conscious, committed women who happen to be fat, fatigued and sick. We recognize the transformative, healing power of coming together as a women’s circle: supporting, elevating, uplifting, reflecting, mirroring, collaborating and co-creating together for the purpose of ending our fight with food, ending our battle fatigue and accessing our unique feminine body intelligence to create unprecedented well-being with ourselves. Each gathering of the women’s circle workshop will be skillfully facilitated for you to have a transformative experience for the big bold change you so deeply desire right then and there. I will facilitate our weekly women’s circle for conversation, meditation, insights, and journaling about accessing our unique feminine body intelligence through the deep processes of Feminine Power as taught by Dr. Claire Zammit. Each week, we practice the art of radical self-responsibility, hold our well-being with confidence, dedicate ourselves to our empowered evolutionary development, trade struggle for flow and ease through our intuitive powers, practice compassionate nonjudgmental support and encouragement for each other, and follow the call of our highest possibilities for our lives by connecting with our Feminine Power.

This is your opportunity to realize that YOU hold ALL the power to transform your life in solving the urgent and immediate problems of your health, your most important relationships, your quality of life, your ability to spend time doing the things you love, and the energy you need for your business, your job, and your family. Together we connect you to your power within: your Feminine Power. You’ll know it because you can feel it and see it by the time we end the circle.

This is not a veiled sales pitch for a diet program and when you show up you will not be surprised with questions designed to funnel you into such a program. We will not be sitting around talking about how we lost control with our eating or how we did good with our points or how we were bad and ate sweets.

This is not in lieu of your doctor’s care or therapy or medical advice. We will not be offering advice at all. I encourage you to continue your current relationships with your current caregivers as you see fit. The fee for attending each circle workshop represents your commitment to the value of your well-being and possibilities for greater connectedness, meaningful conversations, and nonjudgmental and compassionate support. Make an investment and value yourself as a priority in your own life.

Join us and experience the truly transformative and healing power of this weekly women’s circle workshop.

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