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...You Have Never Spent A Night With A Mosquito! (African Proverb)

News Alert! Out name has changed to Endangered Species Fund and the website is

Would you like to be active in the conservation of large mammals? Perhaps your interest also includes art? If so, please read on.

Not too long ago I set up this 501(c)(3) charity working closely with The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) in the UK. To understand what that charity is all about, please visit

We changed our name because it was causing confusion with the UK organization and we wanted to be able to be more independent from a branding point of view.

NEWS What's Happening?

We hope to have confirmation that Sport Beattie, the founder and CEO of Game Rangers International in Zambia, together with Rachael Murton, Director of Wildlife Rescue will be visiting Detroit in mid-November!

Meetings will be held with The Detroit Zoological Society and MSU. A lot of this is related to field research and we are also discussing co-operation around a Snares for Wares program. I send out emails to keep you informed as things develop.

Close behind that is a program called Tiger Time. I'm waiting on a video to arrive shortly - so more about that too!

Once these arrangements start to gel, I will be holding meetups in support of these events and we are looking for people with an interest in PR and promotion.

In addition to working locally, ESF supports DSWF at national engagements designed to inform influential decision makers and leaders of the work they support internationally.

If your interest in ESF included becoming a leader and wish to offer your time and or resources beyond the meetups, please let me know. I can always find time to talk to you and explain more about our plans and requirements. This level of engagement offers potential life changing rewards in terms of travel and engaging with interesting and influential people around the world.

Otherwise, I look forward to meeting you at our next meetup to be announced.

John Chisholm

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