Letting Go of Control Issues. Embracing Ease.

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Please welcome inspirational speaker and life coach Shiraz Baboo to the group for this experiential and uplifting evening on the law of attraction and living with more ease.

*We will also be joined by other groups so we can look forward to a great turn out and a chance to meet plenty of other positive and friendly people.

**Letting Go of Control Issues. Embracing Ease**

The common belief is that if we control everything in our lives then our lives will be exactly the way we want. In the attempt though we find we can’t control some or most things. Frustration mounts. We try harder to control and things keep slipping out of our grasp resulting in more frustration. Clearly this method doesn’t work well.

What if we learned how to let go of our need for control and worked in harmony with life? What if some things were hard, but most things came easy? Imagine a life where by trying not to control anything, you get everything.

Come out for a highly interactive workshop where we’ll show you ways to get out of your control issues and create a life with more ease and flow. We’ll also be identifying and destroying your beliefs around control so that you can manifest a greater level of happiness and harmony in your life. Belief Shifter, Shiraz will be working directly with the attendees to change their beliefs on the spot. This will be a fun night of new awarenesses and transformation.

In association with Soul City Social Club https://www.meetup.com/SoulCity/

Reviews from previous workshops:

"One of the girls who comes to my meditation group was so moved by your intro night. She said it has created incredible change in her that she wasn't able to produce for over 30 years. How incredible!!" - Larissa

"Omg! It was an amazing workshop! Definitely a life altering experience." - Kay Bee

"I attended your session last night. I have lived with chronic pain in my left forearm for the last 7 years. This morning I woke without any pain. When a little tried to slip in, I let it go. I'm freaked out in a good way, if that makes sense.” - Hera

“Another awesome evening full of laughter, wonderful insight, and powerful shifting.” – Kayli

“Amazing technique to release and clear lots of hidden issues. Enjoyed the evening a lot. Thanks Shiraz for all you do and being willing to take on and transmute all the crap for everyone!” – Sandy


Using his own unique intuitive energy facilitation, Energetic Magic, Shiraz affects great change in people’s lives. Shiraz has the ability to identify your belief patterns whether or not your aware of them yourself. He can spot where you are lying to yourself about things that are keeping you from living the life you desire. From there he will trace them to their source and help you to release the hold they have on you. Working with Shiraz can affect any area of your life including relationships, career, finance, and health.


Fee: 10 dollars at the door (HST included)


Friendly Reminders:

7:00 arrive for dinner/appetizers, mix & mingling/networking (Optional)

7:30 presentation begins

9:30 questions with the speaker and mix & mingling/networking

Free parking in front, behind, side of building, on street and at plaza across the street

4 minute walk from Glencairn Subway station

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