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“The reason we neglect most of our legitimate needs is that they require our rarest resources: time and energy.”
-Matthew Kelly, The Rhythm of Life

No one receives more time; the answer is energy.

We need more of it, and to stop haphazardly giving it away.

With events designed to empower you with resources, knowledge and tools that are immediately and powerfully impactful, massive change and growth could be an RSVP away.

Our subject matter is centered around energy healing. We'll often discuss the energetic anatomy of a topic or issue (be it physical, mental, emotional, or relational), practical steps and/or tools to disintegrate that barrier to living a fuller life or being a better you, and put them into practice.

Most often we'll conclude with a meditation proven to flush out negative tendencies or qualities.

My promise to you: Over-deliver.

This content alone will fuel your inner potential and help you maximize your day, who you are and strive to be. You’ll have the knowledge and tools to systematically reclaim and continuously build your internal reservoir of energy. A fresh and stronger you will be available for every decision, every single day.

These events are free, with any donations made going to the local hero’s at Hands That Serve.

Short bio: I was an Infantry Officer in the Army, serving as a Rifle Platoon Leader and Civil Affairs Officer in Afghanistan. I also served as a Deputy Sheriff and as a Counselor for combat vets. I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Masters in Social Work, certified Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing, as well as Pranic Psychology. I’m married to an incredible woman, Katy, who co-owns StrongHer, a local fitness company whose mission it is to empower women through functional fitness and strength training. And together, we work to connect and strengthen our community.

Photo by: Andrea Piacquadio

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