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EBT#3 - Lessons learned: Enerchain Project

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EBT#3 - Lessons learned: Enerchain Project


The Enerchain is the most famous german blockchain project. Enerchain is a decentralized whole sale market for electricity.

The project was iniciated by PONTON, an IT-development company which is known for their experience in B2B integration. The Managing Director and Founder Michael Merz will tell us about the lessons learned from the project and upcoming projects.


The Meetup will be held online as a "" video conference. In order to participate, please visit five minutes prior to the beginning of the event. If you want to join via phone, you will need to download the app from the Appstore / GooglePlay Store



18:55 - Join Meetup via Link above

19:00 - Welcoming all participants

19:05 - Start of Energy Blockchain Talk

19:25 - Time for questions
Needs a location