EBT#4 - Quartierstrom: Privacy in a decentalized P2P energy market

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Our next guest is Alain Brenzikofer from Super computing systems (SCS). He will report on the use of Blockchain in Quartierstrom, the Swiss lighthouse project for a local energy market. He will discuss in more detail how the data privacy of the participants was assured

37 participants are part of the market of which 28 participants own a PV system. In addition, several battery storage units are installed, which serve as flexible buffers.

Quartierstrom is a joint project of universities, utilities and industry.

More details: http://quartier-strom.ch


The Meetup will be held online as a "join.me" video conference. In order to participate, please visit https://join.me/Energy-Blockchain-Talks five minutes prior to the beginning of the event. If you want to join via phone, you will need to download the join.me app from the Appstore / GooglePlay Store



18:55 - Join Meetup via Link above

19:00 - Welcoming all participants

19:05 - Start of Energy Blockchain Talk

19:25 - Time for questions