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A Conscious BreathWork Experience
You are invited to join Breath Mamma, your Breathwork facilitator, on a powerful guided journey using your circular connected breath. This event is an invitation for you to reawaken your senses, rebirth new experiences and accelerate your consciousness in a safe, sacred space. Did you know that the way you breathe reveals a lot about your general outlook on life? Your inhale represents the way you "bring in" life and your willingness to live. Your exhale mirrors our ability to "let go" and release the moment. During this self discovery Breathwork session you will intentionally alter your breathing pattern to connect your inhale and exhale. Through your continuous breathing you will activate your nervous system and you may experience a variety of sensations on a physical level such as, temperature changes, vibrations, radiating, electricity, etc... This may very well be the first time you fall in love with your body! Those physical sensations will allow you to discover your mental/emotional body. As your body's story unfolds you may feel a wide spectrum of feelings such as: B: bashful R: reserved E: energetic A: alive T: tender H: happy E: excited There is only one rule in Breathwork, and that is to keep on breathing. As we become aware of our Self-expressions, we will take our breath and dive into the spiritual realm of unconditional Love, access our higher states of consciousness, and re-energize our bodies. As your Facilitator, I will invoke prayers to our Infinite Intelligent Creator, affirm our desires to be willing to breath, hands-on touch to move energetic vibrations, and encourage you to go deeper than you have ever gone with yourself before. Breathwork, truly has to be experienced in person to be understood. ~~The Session~~ 6:45-7:05pm: Introductions, and discuss what Breathwork is, how it works, and what should be expected. 7:05pm-7:25: Movement & breath exercises to expand lung capacity for the increase in oxygen during the session. Potty Break!! 7:35-8:35pm: 60 minute Breathwork session with silent integration to listen to the wisdom being shared to you from within. 8:35-8:45pm: Closing Circle. Hugs & See you Soons WHAT TO BRING? Please Wear loose, comfy clothes. No underwire bras. Bring water. A mat and a blanket or two, think cozy nap time accessories, except you will not sleep during the active part of the session. Bring A friend! WHEN? Every Thursday evening. Be on time and prepared to breathe. Bring your resistance with you. Verbal sharing will be after the session is complete, only if you would like to share. As our Breath is free, I honor the energy exchange, please give as you are able to. Suggested self investment donation $15-$45 sliding scale. Cash accepted at Event. Paypal: Square also available RSVP: with Shelly Hogan[masked] or by email [masked] Please share it forward, someone you know may want to experience their Breath. Thanks, I Love You!

Center For Divine Love & Empowerment Center

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Are you an Energy Healer? Or are you seeking to learn more about or experience Energy Healing?

In this group, Energy Healers/Workers will come together to share their experiences and techniques with anyone and everyone. This is a perfect place to receive a needed energy Boost from our practitioners or one another. ALL HEALING MODALITIES ARE WELCOME.

Seekers - this is a place to learn a bit about the various energy healing with Healing Practitioners about what they do and how they do it.

Whether you are an experienced Healer or a new Seeker, you will experience improved health and general well being through energy healing.

If you are an Energy Healer/Worker and you are interested in posting an event you are having or if you know of a Energy/Holistic related event -- please let me know so it can be posted!!

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