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The Group meets every third Sunday from 6pm-9pm.

(OUR group was temporarily on-hold FOR AWHILE (2015-17). While I'm still writing my relationship book, I'm craving our Community. To support my book: Follow more on the book at http://www.Patreon.com/Rheana - be warned, graphic sexual material, stern empowerment, standing your ground language, healthy boundaries, and sexy photos/videos are included).

WHERE: (Free parking. Vast Wellness Center 2323 S. Troy St Suite 6-200 Aurora, CO 80014).

Walk into Building 5, go immediately upstairs and that is 6-200. which is on the south side, glass doors. Call/Text Rheana 303-545-9823- if you need help finding the office.

WHEN: We meet every Third Sunday from 6pm-9pm.

WHO: SEE ALL ENERGY HEALING MEMBERS. Did you see our photo slideshow? Check it out to see our Vast Wellness Center and more..

We are all energy beings. Lightworkers and energy beings MEET here to Manifest the life we envision! Let's build a community of energy healers and others who focus on healing vibes and manifesting, we will all be encouraging and supportive for each other in tuning into our alignment and manifesting with ease. Release the stress associated with money and create a new paradigm that is fun and playful.

WHAT WE DO: This meetup will include raising the energy vibration of ourselves, stating clearly what we want, shifting our perspective, and surrendering to allow Spirit to bring it to us.

We will learn to truly attract the experiences into our lives that we desire. Rheana Jackson is anchoring light with the Archangels, Sacred Energies, and Mother Earth's aromatherapy within the group. We are balancing the Divine Feminine back into humanity that got too far out of balance toward the masculine. It's all about true balance. Rheana will be bringing in the Divine White Light and Reiki. Marci will bring in doTerra essentials oils. John will bring in other Divine Healing energies of the Angels and Ascended Masters each week. The group energies are also used to supercharge our mastermind prayers.

We each bring a unique gift to our world and together as a community we will help facilitate the shift in spiritual consciousness that people are tuning into. We will truly embody these understandings and apply the law of attraction. We are all energy beings sending out vibrations to attract our life experiences, consciously applying this knowledge we manifest what we truly desire in life.

Also we will help others discover their soul's purpose and each bring about the change we want to see in the world. In the name of Divine love and light.

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