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"The Energy field starts it all."- Prof. Harold Burr, PhD, Yale University


Have you come to the limits of Standard and Alternative medicine and you are still not well?

Is there still some area in your life that you are still stuck in despite trying 'everything'?

Would you like to practice the cutting edge transformational tools of Energy Medicine with like-minded people?

Do you believe that treating disease with drugs and surgery has limitations?

Do you think that there is more to keeping healthy than visiting your doctor?

Do you think that diet is important for health?

Would you like techniques and strategies that have clinically proven to reduce stress?

Would you like to know how to release suppressed emotions? Without having to talk about them.

Are you excited about quantum physics and want to know how to apply the principles for healing and personal change?

Would like to learn potent self - healing techniques that create measurable results (very often immediately) and that you can easily share with your family and friends?

Do you like the idea of 'fast change'?

If there were a much easier way to create your ideal life without having to set goals, intentions, making a"vision board" or reciting endless affirmations, would you be interested?

Would you be willing to have greater possibilities show up for you with the ease and lightness of a feather touch?

This Meet - up has grown out of my frustration and excitement

I'm frustrated in that in my medical practice I meet so many dedicated and beautiful souls who are have 'tried everything', have spent lots of time and money and yet despite their best efforts they are struggling with basic health and well being issues.

I'm excited because I think that one of the real solutions out there lies in the understanding and practice of Energy Medicine techniques.

They are ultra simple to learn and apply and often create immediate positive results.

Who should come along?

1. If you feel stuck in any area of your life despite your own best efforts to unstick yourself

2. You want to add some potent self development tools to your tool box.

3. You have some physical illness or pain that you would like to heal that isn't getting better despite your own or your doctors efforts

What will happen?

Simple. A context to learn Energy Medicine ideas and techniques. A context to practice Energy Medicine techniques. A context to meet share with like minded new people. A context of avail of the power of group healing.

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