What we're about

Energy Saving with EnergyCoin Smart Meter Monitor Applications and more


We looking for passionate people who can and will contribute to Smart Energy Saving applications for citizens using Open Source & Open Data & Open Hardware that contributes to lower down carbon emissions for more sustainable environment on local and global scale using EnergyCoin CryptoCurrency as incentive/token to establish green economic growth for local smart energy communities.



- Energy-saving specialist
- Greentech and FinTech specialist
- Environmentalists
- Climate specialiste
- Creative out-off-the-box People
- Investors in Green-Technology
- Cryptocurrency enthousiasts




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Uitdagende energie besparingen met EnergyCoin in jouw wijk

galerie VM23 tentoonstelling Duende

Finale Energy Open Data Challenge

Filmtheater 't Hoogt

Energy Open Data Challenge @ B. Amsterdam

B. Amsterdam

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