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Ancestor Liberation

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Join Oneness Trainer Chip Burgess for…

Oneness Ancestor Liberation Ritual

Assist in The Liberation of Your Ancestors and Seek Their Blessings For Your Awakening!

A HUGE factor in our spiritual growth and development has to do with clearing that Karma of our ancestors, and seeking their blessings. We are the cumulative culmination of ALL of our ancestors, with all their conditioning, programming and genetics. These things can have a huge impact on our present life, even when we have no awareness of them.

Join Advanced Oneness Trainer, Chip Burgess for an amazing and transformative healing ritual that will:

· Look deeply at the impact that our ancestors can have on our current lives

· Look at the death process and where we get stuck · Learn how to facilitate passing over

· Perform the Kalasha Puja for the liberation of our ancestors

This full day program is from 9:30am-4pm, Saturday, April 12, 2014 at the Lessard Community Hall, 17404 – 57 Ave Edmonton.

The cost for the Ancestor Liberation Ritual is $75 per person.

Please bring: photos of your parents and other ancestors who have passed; a blanket, pillow and yoga mat; water bottle; snacks; and wear comfortable clothes. Once again we will be offering a catered vegetarian lunch for an additional 20.00. Contact for registration or enquiries