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If you want some personal development, seeking joy and fulfillment or just trying to find your way - this Meetup may be for you. But first, a little about me ...

Five years ago, my 27-year marriage came crashing down in a smoldering heap and I realized that my life had become a functioning yet routine slog of dreary complacency. I had invested all my human connection energy with one person who was now outright hostile, estranged from most of my family and unhappy in my job. What happened? Why was nothing fun or inspiring? I was just going through the motions - sad and alone.

I then spent 3 years with help from many people to figure things out. I slowly discovered that the root of all my struggles was family dysfunction; two therapists and a 12 step program later (Adult Children of Alcoholic/ Dysfunctional Families - ACA) it all became clear. In fact, I was compelled to write down my experiences. At first therapeutic, the notes morphed into a book! “Engineering a New Life: from Complacency to Clarity” documents my journey to joy. But more than an autobiography, I wanted to help others get to wholeness faster. Using my training and engineering background, I crafted a workbook with pictures, diagrams and exercises in an attempt to provide some effective tools to help you get to your nirvana. Unlike other approaches, there is a great deal of science/technology examples and harnessing of critical thinking to get concrete results.

After coming out the other side, life is now filled with joy and gratitude - every single day! “Engineering a New Life” is a complete overhaul of one’s life from a state of chaos and uncertainty examining seven distinct areas on the “Life Wheel”: Home, Health, Friends/Family, Career/Finances, Spirituality, Romance and Art. You do not need to have experienced family dysfunction to benefit from the Meetup.

Here's the plan. Every meeting begins a short sharing of a topic on how I transformed my life from the book, followed by an exercise to see how the topic might help you; the last half of the meeting is an open discussion for those who would like to share their thoughts, questions and experiences.

Intrigued? Curious? Come join us!

- Be kind, courteous & supportive of everyone (any disrespect will not be tolerated)
- Truly listen to what others have to say with an open mind
- Purchase a beverage to support our host

I transformed my life from complacency to clarity. It’s your life, engineer yourself
a better one! https://engineeringanewlife.com

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