What we're about

The group is for people that have an interest in Spain. This can be about the culture, history, events, etc. Also for anyone that may want to speak Spanish with other members during meetups. But it is NOT a group concentrating on English - Spanish language exchange. The meetups are great value. Some may cost £2, but some I do free.

I am the new organiser of this group since October, 2018. The group was founded in October, 2017 but no meetups were held. So the group is starting over, after 50 weeks of no activity.

I have planned and completed many promotions and events for businesses, including International companies.

Note that the number of members a group has means nothing. Also, it is best to have events that allow members to feel comfortable meeting new people and have a good time together.

People that arrive on time for a meetup will not have to wait many minutes for people that are not punctual. Anyone that is late can try and catch the group up.

Join the group now. Then come to a meetup, see what we do and socialise with us. Also see this meetup group for more things to do: https://www.meetup.com/Tapas-Events/

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