• English-Chinese language & cultural exchange

    90 Christopher Columbus Dr

    Just come and have a relaxing time engaging in learning some aspects of Chinese culture and language. We will not bite. If you plan on staying for the full 2 hours, you might like to bring a bottle of water to keep replenished. You do not have to stay for the 2 hours. Just come and check us out. If you like us, then stay. If you have other things to do, then by all means, please do not feel that you are obligated to stay - we will have further meetups - further opportunities to learn more about China. Please check the discussion section for this meetup as I will post. Or if you have any questions or just wish to talk, please post as well. 如果你想学习一些美国英语,包括俚语,请参加这会议。 欢迎大家 。