Chinese English cultural exchange

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Needs a location


Hi Everyone: This Friday, we will have out meeting at 90 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07302. This is a tall building just opposite to one of the entrances of Grove Street station. At the entrance of this building is a supermarket where you can buy stuff and take it to the meeting place inside the building. Some photos of the meeting and the building can be seen here:

There are ample power sockets to power phones, tablets and notebooks. There is also free internet access.

Because there is a concierge, someone needs to be there to meet you at the entrance, so if you are going to be late please message the group on Wechat or message us on

This meeting place is due tothe contribution and idea of Bill who is also attending this meeting. Thanks Bill D!

大家好,这个星期五,我们将举行meetup。 欢迎大家来。这是一个新的地点:90 Christopher Columbus street, Jersey City NJ 07302. 因为有看门人, 如果您将要迟到,请通过Meetup或微信告诉我们。非常感谢Bill D这个新的会议地点。

The theme of this week' meetup can be one or both topics:

1. How to learn foreign languages, aka how do middle school students learn Chinese, which can be such a difficult language for foreigners.


2. How to better communicate better culturally between Chinese and American people by understanding certain key concepts of Chinese ettiquette.

If you have any questions, please bring them to the meetup.