Twice a month! Friday Night! Speak both languages and dinner together.

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Apt 605

100 Warren Street. · Jersey City, NJ

How to find us

100 Warren Street, Apt 605, Jersey City, NJ. My place is called Portside Tower. Apt 605 means 6th floor.

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You think this is a meetup for nerds? No!No!No! This is a meetup for cool people to hangout after a long week! We drink, eat, chat, and laugh, and that's it! BTW, some important information at the end of details.

This is a very casual meetup. Native Mandarin speakers who need to improve English or native English speakers who need to learn or improve mandarin, they meet and chat about anything in Chinese and English at this meetup.

Who may attend:

-Native Mandarin speakers who want to improve their English.

-Native English speakers who want to improve their Mandarin .

-Anyone who lived in China previously and want to maintain their level of

-Anyone who wants to visit China and need to learn or brush up on their Mandarin.

-Come by anytime before the Meetup ends.

You guys may want to check another Meetup at the same place, JerseyCity(Water Side),Social&Multicultural&Eatting&Drinking (, it is a Meetup for everybody.

A path station, Exchange Place, is close to my apartment. 100 Warren Street, Apt 605, Jersey City, NJ. My place is called Portside Tower. Please do not go to 155 Washington St, it is another building.

The gate of my building, and elevator is on the right after you got into the building. Apt 605 means 6th floor.

Parking- I may arrange a free parking for people, but please contact me before you come by. There are some street parking nearby, you may attempt to get one by yourself first, because we do not always have spare space in the garage.

From my balcony.

These are pictures from recent Meetup(2017).

Outdoor area for the Meetup.

The building has concierge services, My cell phone number is[masked] and Wechat number is sam[masked]. Contact me if there is any problem.

Ask people to bring their drinks (alcohol is OK) and food (After running a Meetup for a while, I actually get a idea about food and drinks):

1. My wife is going to cook some hot food for friends, but a person need to take AT LEAST a dish of hot food (any form) to the Meetup, if you are coming for dinner. You may either buy a takeout or take a home-cooked food. Don't burden yourself, and don't buy food for 10 people, if you just come here alone. PLUS, TAKE BOTH OF HOT FOOD AND ALCOHOLIC DRINKS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

2. You can just buy a bottle or wine or a six (beers), if you are just coming for drink and chat with others. Just in case, if you do not drink alcohol, you may just buy some desserts or any other drinks(non-alcohol)which you like.

3. There is a liquor stores at my building downstairs, Simple Sam's, but it is not the cheapest place. There are some additional information about food in the area for people are really busy, just in case, someone may need to order a takeout when they get the place of Meetup.

Since we do not always figure out how many people show up for a Meetup, taking your own thing to the Meetup is the best solution. Also, cooking for everybody at each time is an impossible job for another host, my wife.

An additional information about a restaurant which is just couple of blocks away from my apartment.


I suggest that people go there to order take out, since it is between the place of the Meetup and a Path Station.