• Chinese - English conversation

    90 Christopher Columbus Dr

    Hi Everyone, We will hold a meeting at our usual place again - opposite the entrance of one of the exits of Grove Street PATH station. If you are a newbie to the group and unsure about us, just come anyway to check us out. You do not need to stay the 2 hours, just a few minutes would be fine. We have a relaxed atmosphere so that everyone can just relax and talk, in English and Chinese. See you guys tonight. 我们将于6月28日晚上7点有活动。 欢迎大家。

  • Chinese-English conversation

    75 Montgomery St

    Hi Everyone, The meetup this Friday will be held at a restaurant called "Taste of Northern China". Let me take a paragraph to explain the name of this restaurant. The Chinese name for this restaurant is "聚緣軒". This is prounced "Ju Yuan Xuan". Let me explain what these Chinese characters mean. 聚 means gathering together, 緣 means edge, e.g. the edge or border; it can also mean reason, 軒 means pavillon. So if you string these words together, "聚緣軒" it means the pavillon at the border where one can gather together (or alternatively, "The the reason to gather together" pavillon meaning here to eat). So the impression conveyed to a Chinese thinker is quite different from the English words "Taste of Northern China". We will do family style eating. This means that one dish ordered is shared by all. So if 5 people come and each person orders a dish, then all 5 dishes are shared. The bill will be shared by everyone equally (except if you order alcoholic drinks, you pay for your own). We will get a chance to learn all about the Chinese language used to describe food. 这个星期五,我们将去一家中餐馆吃饭和聊天。 欢迎大家。

  • English-Chinese language & cultural exchange

    90 Christopher Columbus Dr

    Just come and have a relaxing time engaging in learning some aspects of Chinese culture and language. We will not bite. If you plan on staying for the full 2 hours, you might like to bring a bottle of water to keep replenished. You do not have to stay for the 2 hours. Just come and check us out. If you like us, then stay. If you have other things to do, then by all means, please do not feel that you are obligated to stay - we will have further meetups - further opportunities to learn more about China. Please check the discussion section for this meetup as I will post. Or if you have any questions or just wish to talk, please post as well. 如果你想学习一些美国英语,包括俚语,请参加这会议。 欢迎大家 。

  • Friday Chinese - English cultural and language exchange

    90 Christopher Columbus Dr

    Hi Everyone, On May 17th, Friday, we will be having a meetup. The venue is a residential building with a concierge. So we will wait for you at the door say from 7 to 7:10 pm - ish. If you are going to be late, please email us on Meetup or send us a message on WeChat (if you are in this group). This meetup is designed for anyone who is interested in Chinese language and culture. As long as you wish to learn, you are most welcome. And if you are a native Mandarin speaker, and wish to learn some American English, please come too, we have proficient English and Chinese speakers attending this meeting. The meeting place is actually quite nice and we have internet access as well as power sockets. Near the entrance of the building, there is a small supermarket so that if you wish to buy some soda/water and some snacks, you can certainly do so and bring it to the meeting place. If you are curious about this group, please come and check us out. You do not need to stay the entire 2 hours. You can stay just for 10 minutes to check us out, to see if the group is suitable for you or not. We will discuss a range of topics, depending on what the interests of the various individuals lie. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 如果您是从来中国来的并希望学习英语,请来。 这是一个轻松,随意的休闲团体。 会议的目的是以轻松的精神进行简单的讨论, 以帮助学习。 您不需要停留2个小时,只需来看看我们 - 并且只停留10分钟。 如果你喜欢我们,你可以待更长时间。欢迎大家。

  • Chinese English cultural exchange

    Needs a location

    Hi Everyone: This Friday, we will have out meeting at 90 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07302. This is a tall building just opposite to one of the entrances of Grove Street station. At the entrance of this building is a supermarket where you can buy stuff and take it to the meeting place inside the building. Some photos of the meeting and the building can be seen here: There are ample power sockets to power phones, tablets and notebooks. There is also free internet access. Because there is a concierge, someone needs to be there to meet you at the entrance, so if you are going to be late please message the group on Wechat or message us on Meetup.com This meeting place is due tothe contribution and idea of Bill who is also attending this meeting. Thanks Bill D! 大家好,这个星期五,我们将举行meetup。 欢迎大家来。这是一个新的地点:90 Christopher Columbus street, Jersey City NJ 07302. 因为有看门人, 如果您将要迟到,请通过Meetup或微信告诉我们。非常感谢Bill D这个新的会议地点。 The theme of this week' meetup can be one or both topics: 1. How to learn foreign languages, aka how do middle school students learn Chinese, which can be such a difficult language for foreigners. and 2. How to better communicate better culturally between Chinese and American people by understanding certain key concepts of Chinese ettiquette. If you have any questions, please bring them to the meetup.

  • Chinese - English language and cultural exchange

    Hi Everyone, Just bring yourself and get to know people who are interested in Chinese language and culture. We are an easy going group, come when you can, and if you only stay for 10 minutes, that's OK. It's a meet and greet. We may even go to a nearby Chinese food place, East Flour, to have some food/snacks if there is interest after the meeting. 请出来玩,学习一些英语,你不必待2个小时。 我们是一个轻松的团体。 如果有兴趣,我们可能会去附近的商店吃一些中国小吃。

  • Mandarin-English cultural exchange this Friday

    Want to engage in some Chinese - Western cultural exchange? Want to learn some Chinese or some English slang in a relaxed environment? Then come out to this meetup. Anything is open for discussion. There is no obligation to stay the entire 2 hours, just pop in, say hello and then leave when you need to. Or simply come out to hang out. 很高兴能够有这次机会让我们再次进行中英文对话练习。本次聚会除了进行语言练习之外,也是为了让大家再次相见,相互交流和加深了解。

  • Chinese - English language exchange this Friday

    Come and just hang out at the cafe at 150 Bay street, Jersey City at the Bucket and Bay Craft Gelato cafe (https://www.bucketandbay.com/). Learn a few words of Chinese or if you want to learn English, learn a few slang expressions. We can discuss anything and everything. There is also no expectation to stay the entire 2 hours. Arrive when you can and leave when it is time for you to leave.

  • First meetup for 2019

    150 Bay St

    Hi Everyone, A meetup will occur this coming Friday at BucketandBay. This is a cafe where you can buy coffee and other foods if you want to (https://www.bucketandbay.com/). It would be nice to get some kind of Chinese English conversation started again. The agenda is simply to meet and greet one another and have a conversation. Just drop in if only for a few minutes to check us out, you do not have to stay for the full 2 hours. 大家好,本周五 (3月29日)我们将在BucketandBay咖啡馆再次举行聚会(https://www.bucketandbay.com/)。 很高兴能够有这次机会让我们再次进行中英文对话练习。本次聚会除了进行语言练习之外,也是为了让大家再次相见,相互交流和加深了解。

  • LAST PARTY!Courtyard,BBQ,Chinese Style,languages&dinner,Indoor is available.

    WE ARE LEVAVING THE US FOR GOOD, THIS IS A SO LONG PARTY. NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN FOOD OR DRINKS TO THE MEETUP. You think this is a meetup for nerds? No!No!No! This is a meetup for cool people to hang out after a long week! We drink, eat, chat, and laugh, and that's it! BTW, some important information at the end of details. This is a very casual meetup. Native Mandarin speakers who need to improve English or native English speakers who need to learn or improve mandarin, they meet and chat about anything in Chinese and English at this meetup. Who may attend: -Native Mandarin speakers who want to improve their English. -Native English speakers who want to improve their Mandarin. -Anyone who lived in China previously and want to maintain their level of -Anyone who wants to visit China and need to learn or brush up on their Mandarin. -Come by anytime before the Meetup ends. A path station, Exchange Place, is close to my apartment. 100 Warren Street, Apt 605, Jersey City, NJ. My place is called Portside Tower. Please do not go to 155 Washington St, it is another building. The gate of my building and elevator is on the right after you got into the building. Apt 605 means 6th floor. Parking- I may arrange a free parking for people, but please contact me before you come by. There is some street parking nearby, you may attempt to get one by yourself first because we do not always have spare space in the garage. From my balcony. These are pictures from recent Meetup(2017). Outdoor area for the Meetup. The building has concierge services, My cell phone number is[masked] and Wechat number is sam[masked]. Contact me if there is any problem. Ask people to bring their drinks (alcohol is OK) and food (After running a Meetup for a while, I actually get an idea about food and drinks): 1. My wife is going to cook some hot food for friends, but a person needs to take AT LEAST a dish of hot food (any form) to the Meetup if you are coming for dinner. You may either buy a takeout or take a home-cooked food. Don't burden yourself, and don't buy food for 10 people, if you just come here alone. PLUS, TAKE BOTH OF HOT FOOD AND ALCOHOLIC DRINKS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED. 2. You can just buy a bottle of wine or a six (beers) if you are just coming for the drink and chat with others. Just in case, if you do not drink alcohol, you may just buy some desserts or any other drinks(non-alcohol)which you like. 3. There is a liquor store at my building downstairs, Simple Sam's, but it is not the cheapest place. There is some additional information about food in the area for people are really busy, just in case, someone may need to order a takeout when they get the place of Meetup. Since we do not always figure out how many people show up for a Meetup, taking your own thing to the Meetup is the best solution. Also, cooking for everybody at each time is an impossible job for another host, my wife. An additional information about a restaurant which is just a couple of blocks away from my apartment. TASTE OF NORTH CHINA http://www.tasteofnorthchinajc.com/home.html I suggest that people go there to order takeout since it is between the place of the Meetup and a Path Station. EVERYBODY IS DOWNSTAIRS. I WILL ALWAYS LEAVE A NOTE ON THE DOOR WITH MY NUMBER. ALSO, YOU CAN ASK THE CONCIERGE SERVICE, AND TELL THEM THAT YOU COME HERE TO MEET YOUR FRIEND IN COURTYARD, YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN GET TO THE COURTYARD.