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River Walk Tinkers Creek @ Bedford Reservation

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Tinker's Creek runs through Bedford Reservation. The creek itself is very clear running, with a solid rock bottom most of the time. Along the edge of the creek there are often very large, unstable walls to one side.

Where to meet

We'll meet at the parking lot in the Hemlock Creek Picnic Area.

What to expect

A bridle trail runs along the northern edge of the creek, from the Hemlock Creek Picnic Area. A smaller walking trail will often parallel this, running closer to the creek itself. Eventually the bridle trail moves away from the creek and the hiking trail terminates against the creek, and there's where the fun begins.

We'll be walking north-east, upstream against the creek. This will entail walking in the water, which usually doesn't go above the shins, though in some parts it will reach knee height. One of the cool things about this creek is that it's cut grooves in the rock that it runs over, and that makes walking on it interesting and pretty. In walking the creek itself, we'll see a lot of undisturbed forest.

At some point, we'll turn around and walk back, following the creek this time as well. I expect we'll be out for a couple of hours.

Creek walking takes presence of mind. There are some parts along the shore that are slippery, and of course walking the creek itself will take balance and you'll want to go slower than a normal hiking pace.

What to bring

Hiking shoes with good drainage. Sandals, Vibram Five Fingers, or the like work well.

Hiking poles will help you keep your balance in the water, and can ease navigation through rapids.

Think shorts, skirts, or kilts rather than pants. Did I mention we were going to be walking in water?


I bet dogs would love this hike. Expect to get wet!