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Hi there. In today's busy, digital world, real in-person conversations seem to be slipping through the net. This group takes the time to ask: Can you 'Enlighten Me...?'... and really listens.

We have caring conversations and share ideas on how to navigate life, and all its ups and downs.

We'll meet around a bonfire on the beach (weather permitting), or at bars, eateries, or other locations tbc.

Part bite to eat & drink with new friends. Part 'sacred circle' around a campfire (or even a candle).

A safe place to share, have enlightening conversations and heart to hearts, as well as laughs.

Ideal if you're working or studying in the area and a long way from family and close friends. (I'm an Australian and ex Londoner who relocated here with a corporate job). Or maybe you just need time out... away from co-workers and home, and a fresh perspective.

Sometimes it's easier to talk to strangers (who can also become friends / a new 'inner circle').

Here's a short video that suggests we all need more face to face, in person meet ups and Heart to Hearts...


It can be exhausting keeping up a perfect image, in real life, let alone our Social Media 'highlights' reel. So let's get real. No one is immune from personal challenges behind the scenes. And everyone can benefit from a bit of support, a listening ear, and if we're lucky, a kind heart. After all, we're only human.

This in-person gathering mirrors the digital mission behind new upcoming lifestyle website 'Enlighten Me.tv." The website, (currently under construction) is about inspiring ideas, enlightening conversations, and life lessons...sharing experiences about what has worked & what hasn't worked etc. Literally, gathering collective wisdom on "Life, Love & All That Really Matters"... Life doesn't come with an instruction manual, and once we're done with school, we're left to figure out the rest. So the least we can do is enlighten one another!

Whether it's about e.g. goal-setting, work 'stuff', or matters of the heart, all of us, whatever age, can offer insights or life experience to inspire and enlighten others...

You may wish to get involved in the educational, inspirational website too, (filming, writing, self expression, art etc.).

Besides being a soundboard for one another on personal subjects, where needed we'll also aim to explore fresh insights, solutions and strategies, and practical ways of putting wisdom into practice.

Enjoy a little breathing space for meaningful conversations.

Take a little Enlighten 'Me-Time' out for yourself...

And maybe even help someone else out too.

The aim of ‘Enlighten Me… ®’ is to:

Reassure and nurture, uplift and inspire, and to empower and enlighten one another!

Age: 18+

**Please submit a clear photo of yourself so we can see you and recognize you!! **

Look forward to connecting.

Best wishes,
Myfanwy (Miffy)
Organizer & Founder, Enlighten Me...®
[Enlighten Me...on Life, Love & All That Really Matters™️]


Please note this is Not intended as a support group for serious mental health issues, nor is it a 'hook up' group. Nor, is it a place for promoting particular religions etc. Rather, it is more about discussing personal experiences, wisdom (making wise choices), inspiration and ideas for everyday life. A chance to get a fresh and meaningful perspective outside the pressures of e.g work, studies, parenting etc.,. As well as for general socializing and human Connection. Not intended for small talk, or big talk - more 'heart talk' :)


We want everyone to have a safe, respectful and pleasant experience while participating in these meetups/events. By joining this group or participating in anything that is posted, you and your guests agree to accept responsibility for your own health, safety and well-being and accept that the Organizer, assistant organizers and other members are not liable.

Information provided online and in-person is not to be taken as formal or professional advice of any kind including, but not limited to, legal, medical, or other specialty services, and should not be used in place of consultation with appropriate professionals. The organizer, assistant organizers, group members, venues, and sponsors are not responsible in any way for anything that happens to you while attending these meetups. We disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss, risk, or injury which is incurred as a direct or indirect result of involvement with this group or from any content provided. By signing up for our meetups and group, you agree to release all Organizers, and Members from ANY responsibility, liability or claim in law or in equity. If you don't agree to these terms, then do not attend our meetup events, or be a member. We have the right to decline membership to any individual at any time.

Finally, this is intended to be a respectful gathering, and a safe space, and we will only accept respectful, kind-hearted behavior. Thank you. Now that the legal bit is out the way, lets just enjoy !

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