What we're about

Awaken Your Innate Sense of Humor to Bring Joy and Laughter into Everyday Life Using the tools of the greatest spiritual warriors, laughter and humor, we will train to be sacred tricksters and delightful devas (picture the Rocky montage, but you're wearing a clown nose, and instead of bounding through rubber tires, it's rubber chickens.) In a safe and compassionate space, the Ha-Ha meets the Ah-Ha, and transforming your everyday awareness into a kind of magical realism.

The Enlighten UP Process includes laughter yoga, storyhealing (re-framing of old stories through ritual), everyday improv, "elational alchemy", and embodied "re-joy-venation". These playful and accessible exercises allow anyone, in any circumstance to find their own innate sense of humor and bring laughter and lightness into the dark places, dissolving whatever's holding you back from opening your heart and living out loud. You'll learn to make work feel like play, re-ignite and spark your relationships, release endorphins, and awaken states of higher consciousness with ease.

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