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☆ Reiki Healing Circle (Pompano) ☆ The Sacred Art of Inviting Happiness ☆
***Love donations gratefully accepted*** We are enjoying our Reiki community in Pompano Beach and welcome you with open arms, full Hearts and awakened Souls. The Integral Life Center (ILC) location, ambience, community and comfort provided by this Reiki Healing Circle feels like 'home' for us, and we are blessed, grateful and gifted to offer this Reiki Circle at the the Integral Life Center. Thank you Barbara. The art gallery of Barbara's exquisite photography is on display throughout the center, and adds tremendously to the serene, blissful atmosphere. • A.D.A. COMPLIANT and easy access for anyone with limited mobility. The ILC is on the ground floor and there is ample handicapped parking, and curbside access to the facility. • We welcome Reiki practitioners from any Reiki schools, to share your Reiki Love in your own personal Reiki style. If you choose to do so, please let me know before the Circle starts to help to coordinate the flow and balance of the Reiki Healing for the benefit of all present. • For your success and comfort, bring a willingness to de-stress and relax, and open your heart for the full benefit of the Healing you seek in this Circle. Your Love Donations help us to support the operating costs of the ILC and our Reiki community. Please know that you are always welcome, and I hope that, in your integrity and spiritual path, you will wish to contribute, and enjoy the energy exchange concept, for the multitude of benefits available through Reiki. Love Peace and New Beginnings, Larry Stuart, RMT @[masked]- 2379 ***************************** Live, Love, Heal! ***************************** * REIKI ("ray-key") is a beautiful, revered Japanese modality of Spiritual energy healing. Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. It is a holistic and gentle, hands-on healing that promotes wellness in the body, mind, and spirit. * REIKI balances your universal life energy (your Qi or Chi) within your chakras, it removes emotional blockages and can relieve physical pain. The circle begins with a guided meditation by way of Angels and Spirit Guides, bringing tranquility and clarity before receiving the energy healing. * We are not Healers. YOU are the healer, and you have come here to heal yourself. We provide the energy of Reiki to you, in the places and dosage your body/mind/spirit needs to allow for your highest and best self-healing. * Reiki energy helps mind, body, and Spirit and leaves you feeling relaxed, and refreshed! * Reiki facilitates healing by increasing the vibrational frequency of anything or anyone it is focused on. Reiki is unique in that it is truly guided by the Creative Energy Source of all Life. * Receiving a Reiki session feels like warm, gentle sunshine, which flows through you, surrounds you and brings comfort. Reiki treats the person’s body, emotions, mind and spirit, as a whole. Reiki is powerful, yet wonderfully gentle and nurturing. * During a treatment, the recipient remains fully clothed and the practitioner directs energy through their hands by applying light touch, or no touch if the client prefers. * Reiki supports any medical, or supplemental healing method that a client may be using. It is of growing interest to massage therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, MDs, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists , life coaches and hypnotherapists. * Anyone can learn Reiki and use it for themselves, others, animals, and even plants. You can become your own practitioner and your own healer. You can develop it as much or as little as your heart leads you to do. * Join us Tuesdays for an experience of traditional Usui Reiki Healing.

Integral Life Center

880 North Federal Highway · Pompano Beach

What we're about

Welcome! Join us on the path to unfolding our full human potential - to awakening!

Here's the place to meet other like-minded people, and to explore the deepest, most profound knowledge and practices - all to help support your spiritual journey.

Most of the world is virtually asleep spiritually; most people are utilizing only 5-10% of their innate potential (potential for consciousness, presence, radiance, love, harmony, intelligence, intuition, energy, gifting, creativity, peace, freedom, and ecstasy). Most people haven't a clue what their true reality is deep within, at Source - who they really are behind all this illusion.

Learn to remove the obstacles, the constrictions to the full flow of life. Join us on the path to unfolding our full, 100% human potential - often called Self-realization, awakening, enlightenment - our human birthright.

We'll be exploring: Consciousness · Spirituality · Meditation · Self-Improvement · Enlightenment · Self-Realization · Yoga · Ayurveda · Vedic Science · Tantra · Sacred Sexuality · Personal Development · Holistic Health · Healthy Living · Spiritual Awakening - and many more.

Positive ideas and suggestions for this group are warmly welcome.



Group Organizer

Dr. Michael Dean Goodman

Boca Raton, FL - and - Fairfield, IA

561-350-3930 •

Director: The Namaste Center

• Initiated teacher of raja yoga, Turiya Meditation, ayur veda, tantra, vedanta

• Ph.D. in vedic knowledge (the source of yoga, meditation, etc.)

Director: The Relationship Institute

• Ph.D. in counseling

• Relationship & intimacy coach ("The Relationship Doctor")

• Tantra workshops & private sessions (create ideal relationship; integrate sexuality, love, & spirituality; unfold the fullness of masculine & feminine, of god/goddess)

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