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Some believe that the Enneagram, an ancient nine-point symbol, was created as a way of mapping the mathematical and energetic aspects of this physical universe. The Enneagram Personality Model provides us with an extraordinary map of our behaviors, the behaviors of others and the cause of these behaviors. Our ongoing discussions will explore the Enneagram from a Ghedee / Sufi Perspective. We will look at the marriage of the individual's belief structure and their outward manifestation, which is the true indicator of the personality type.

This meetup is a general discussion of the Enneagram Personality Type Model from a Sufi perspective. Wiah's introduction to and study of both the Enneagram Symbol as well as the Enneagram Personality Type Model, is through the Sufi tradition and their study of both.

A general understanding of the Personality Types as well as the beliefs that drive their core is important to be able to follow our discussions.

This is a NON-JUDGEMENT based perspective, strictly for the purposes of seamless and better communication, a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, as well as stronger interpersonal relationships. This discussion is not for the purpose of perpetual analysis, but to facilitate better communication.

Wiah is Ghedee Master, spiritual counselor, facilitator, and coach with over 30 years of experience in various healing arts. He began his teachings in West Africa, and has dedicated his practice to assisting those in need of intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual growth/remembrance.

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