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The Enneagram of Personality is the most helpful tool I have come across for understanding what makes people different on fundamental levels. In addition to helping me understand others, studying it has brought about an immense increase in my self-awareness and helped me develop appreciation for my own configuration. I know it has done the same for countless others, too.

***Whether you have never heard of the Enneagram before or have studied it for years, you are welcome to join!***

I have been studying this subject for years now and wish to share it with anyone interested. On the surface, the Enneagram functions as a personality typing system, yet there is a great deal of depth to how it operates and manifests in individuals and relationships. This group is a chance for people to come together to learn about this topic through discussion. Those who are already familiar with it can deepen their understanding, and those who aren't can be introduced to a new world of psychological awareness.

There are nine Enneagram types. If you don't know which one is yours, this could be where you find out!

Note: At this point, I consider myself to have considerable comprehension of the subject. After having studied it with a true master who praised my expertise, and having had numerous experiences providing not-insignificant value to others with my knowledge, I've decided to expand my work with the Enneagram to a professional level. Change may come to this group at some point.

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