• The Enneagram and Awakening

    First Church Somerville UCC

    This is an introductory Enneagram workshop fit for anybody who wants to get started or learn more about what the Enneagram is all about. While the Enneagram as popularly known is a psychological tool, the traditional Enneagram is a fully-fledged system for personal and cultural spiritual transformation. It teaches us how to grow out of our shells of automatic habits and repetitive thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and serves as a roadmap to greater consciousness in our personal lives. "Awakening" is probably the most practical thing any of us can put our minds to; it's about showing up, fully, in the here and now for the only life we have. The workshop will open with a meditation and introductions, depending on group size. Then I will lead the teaching on the Enneagram and Awakening--what it looks like in our everyday life, how to practice it, and my own journey in it--and then we will have a shared exercise and time for questions. Feel free to bring friends! Please don’t bring food, however, there’s no eating in the chapel. See you there!

  • Enneagram Boston - Introduction to the Enneagram and Inner Work

    This will be the first meeting of the group! We'll begin promptly at 7:10. First we'll do some welcoming of each other--probably over snacks and tea--and then jump into Enneagram discussion. It will be half workshop/half discussion, in a circle-style "class." I'll open the teaching with a 5-minute meditation, and then introduce the Enneagram of Personality (how it is commonly taught) and how that contrasts to the Enneagram of Essence (who we become when we are able to free ourselves from our negative patterns). We will then have a practical exercise where you will get to experience this shift in yourself, and then we'll have a debrief and open conversation until the end of the evening. ~Please message Ben if you have any questions!