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This meetup is suitable for those who are interested in human consciousness, awakening, universal energy, personal development, mindfulness, meditation, enlightenment, self-realisation.

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Enniskillen Human Consciousness Introduction Evening Meetup

Belmore Court & Motel

Are you interested in living at a higher level of consciousness or awareness? In learning how to use more of your mind to live at your full human potential? What if you were to learn to use all of your mind? Knowing your mind allows you to access your full potential and power within. You then can apply this increased mind power to any area of your life - spiritual, relationships, business, health.... This is an introduction evening about a seminar we have attended over twenty years ago, which for us has been life-changing. The evening is to discuss our learning, and see if it's something you might be interested in? So, it's an information evening only, and most definitely not to push anything on anybody. The results from the educational seminar on human potential and the power of the mind are as follows: People who attended the 10 day seminar, and who learned how to use their minds fully have achieved these results, and maintained them after 3 years, in a follow up study by University of East London, and audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers: Business Revenue: +360% Personal Income: +264% Goal Achievement: +67% Happiness Levels: +55% Most importantly, this 10 day seminar teaches how to live from your True Nature within thereby accessing your full human potential and spiritual essence and energy. This is feedback from the last introduction evening that we ran in May 2019: "Massive thanks for your time and lecture last night. It has evoked in me a surprising yet highly positive reaction. I’m going to digest this over the next few days I’m sure. I still have untold joy from seeing the power you have harnessed from within and I hope one day my ability to recall it on the spot is as great and as intense as yours xx" From, Nicola.

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